So to those who fear or complaining about ubers allowed to be used...

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User Info: bolt_thundara

4 years ago#21
See, you lost me right there at eviolite grotle. Like I said, I'm way out of touch w/ modern pokemon.
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User Info: wutzgood

4 years ago#22
It's tougher to find a poke that can take the hits than finding an ability that absorbs it. I just know that my grotle can take earthquakes and heal the damage off with leech seed. Lots of testing out teams helps.
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User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#23
wutzgood posted...
There isn't a sleep clause in the vgc. And it's alway doubles. I wouldn't mind if it changed to triples.

There is a Dark Void ban though, since it is what makes Sleep truly broken in doubles/triples.
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User Info: Aurawhisperer

4 years ago#24
Sorry if i sound like a harsh troll, but i do have a point. If users on here are complainung and fearing how they will come across kygrue pr mewtwo and not sure how to handle them, while they possibly and i bet they do, make gane breaking teams; such as weather teams or cresselia abuse trick team, then they pbviously have no business playing competitive pokemon. Because they never faced a real challenge, but nothing more than band wagon followers.

Unlike some of us trainers, we have experienced with no restriction battles to ubers. Hence, i owned this player via PBR way back with a cursing umbreon and he had a team of ubers and i was able to dominate him.

Umbreon... The most lol'd pokemon on this network.
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User Info: _KGC_

4 years ago#25
TC, what are you trying to say exactly?

Are you saying that people who can't handle ubers shouldn't play competitive? And saying weather teams and Cresselia Trick Rooming teams are game breaking?
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User Info: black_turkey

4 years ago#26
electric_emu posted...

I don't know why anyone would think that everyone using six of the same fifteen or so Pokemon is fun. less variety, less creativity.

But it's only one tournament. Every other tournament bans them, so what's wrong with one that doesn't?

If you don't like it, then don't participate. Simple as that
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User Info: shadowreaper7

4 years ago#27
Just let us have our ubers match, its not as though anyone forced you to participate. Besides, if you don't think there is any strategy in it. Don't enter. Some of the most entertaining matches i've played have been in ubers because of the raw force offered by the pokes in the tier. You've got to be on the game with switching and predicting. It makes a match quite tense. Furthermore there is versatility in the sets of the pokemon with some being gifted entirely uncommon sets.

Besides, its not as though every competition they make is in Ubers. This is the first time in how many years that ubers have been used competetivly from a competition stand point?

Ubers aren't particularly hard to take down, even entire teams of ubers can be taken down. Is it a hard slog if you don't have ubers? Yes, but thats plausibly because of the high base stat totals and better distribution.
Alternatively it could mean the synergy between the team isn't high enough to be able to take less damage than you output.
Or it could simply be a matter of luck.

All i can say is, let us have our fun. It'll be back to normal before you know it.
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

4 years ago#28
^Well said.

It's a uber tournament. Simple as that.

You're not more or less skilled for taking part in it or wanting another tournament.

User Info: Aurawhisperer

4 years ago#29

Exactly is what i am stating. Sorry for later response. Was driving.

But if you cant handle ubers existing into this upcoming tournament, then you have no business competitive battling, because ubers are also known to have its own competitive playlist. What you would be considered to be if you competitive play and have an issue with ubers is a wanna be trainer or for short, a sheep
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User Info: Aurawhisperer

4 years ago#30
And well spoken shadow. Im glad someone understands my annoyance about the crybabies that complain about ubers not being banned
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Black 2: Zack: 4170 3222 6265
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