Rate the ability, Day 45: Huge Power

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User Info: Pitbuller_26

4 years ago#1
Rate the ability, Huge Power! - Results (68 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
0% (0 votes)
2.94% (2 votes)
1.47% (1 votes)
7.35% (5 votes)
11.76% (8 votes)
22.06% (15 votes)
54.41% (37 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Day 45 and today's ability is Huge Power which is the signature ability of the Marill line. A very good ability, I think.

Huge Power: "Doubles the user's Attack stat."

Day 1, Adaptability: 7.6
Day 2, Aftermath: 5.58
Day 3, Air Lock: 7.25
Day 4, Analytic: 5.64
Day 5, Anger Point: 4.55
Day 6, Anticipation: 2.85
Day 7, Arena Trap: 7.87
Day 8, Bad Dreams: 7.28
Day 9, Battle Armor: 5.27
Day 10, Big Pecks: 4
Day 11, Blaze: 4.97
Day 12, Chlorophyll: 7.72
Day 13, Clear Body: 6.12
Day 14, Cloud Nine: 5.91
Day 15, Color Change: 4.27
Day 16, Compoundeyes: 8.52
Day 17, Contrary: 8.61
Day 18, Cursed Body: 6.18
Day 19, Cute Charm: 4
Day 20, Damp: 3.38
Day 21, Defeatist: 1.19
Day 22, Defiant: 7.32
Day 23, Download: 8.5
Day 24, Drizzle: 9.64
Day 25, Drought: 9.21
Day 26, Dry Skin: 6.74
Day 27, Early Bird: 4.91
Day 28, Effect Spore: 6.21
Day 29, Filter: 7.04
Day 30, Flame Body: 7.86
Day 31, Flare Boost: 5.94
Day 32, Flash Fire: 7.9
Day 33, Flower Gift: 5.9
Day 34, Forecast: 5.23
Day 35, Forewarn: 2.8
Day 36, Friend Guard: 4.68
Day 37, Frisk: 4.64
Day 38, Gluttony: 4.08
Day 39, Guts: 7.95
Day 40, Harvest: 6.56
Day 41, Healer: 4.11
Day 42, Heatproof: 5.84
Day 43, Heavy Metal: 2.75
Day 44, Honey Gather: 1.74
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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#2
I'm going to give it a 9 because only the Marill line gets it.
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User Info: shadowreaper7

4 years ago#3
Ability is great, and i wouldn't want it to become too popular.
Azumarill takes a great benefit from it too as it already has substantial bulk and needs a buff to the 50 base attack.

The only thing stopping it reaching higher is that there are some other pokemon i think could utilise this ability more so than their current ones.
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User Info: Winabe

4 years ago#4
I gave in an 8 because its poorly worded in game and makes people think it applies to special attacks too. Also its apparent that azumarils terrible base attack is due to this ability, which makes the ones that dont have this ability almost useless.

User Info: CharizardFire

4 years ago#5
From: Winabe | #004
Also its apparent that Azumarill's terrible base attack is due to this ability

Azumarill was introduced in G/S.
Abilities were introduced in R/S.
The official Charizard of the Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 boards.

User Info: Devout_Man

4 years ago#6
Technically, this is a 10/10 ability. But it's not really on anything but Azumarill.
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

4 years ago#7
Eh, Huge and Pure are identical, so 10 for both.

They could be on better users than Marill and Meditite, yes. But Medicham already has the Attack of Kyurem-B and Azumarill already rivals Groudon. It wouldn't be very easy to get a better, non-uber pokemon. Especially when we consider how dimwitted Game Freak is in terms of balance.

I'd like to see this ability improving unused Attack stats for certain pokemon, like Hustle does to Togekiss; like having a physical Alakazam. Or a special variant to achieve the same purpose on, say, the hitmons... scizor...

User Info: coreekymon

4 years ago#8
Ignoring distribution this is about as good as an ability can be, so 10/10.
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User Info: electric_emu

4 years ago#9
The ability itself is amazingggggg. Wish more Pokemon got it.

User Info: Two-Face

4 years ago#10
This ability would make a lot of Pokémon broken if they got it, so it's getting a ten from me.
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