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User Info: Almorfa

4 years ago#1
Stuck on making a competitive team. First crapshoot at it. Trying to pick pokes out before messing with spreads/moves that can synergize well/cover each other in pairs, but it seems I'm just picking favorites. So far I got Weavile, Electivire, Milotic and Metagross. Considering Gengar. No clue where to go from here. Any suggestions, please?
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User Info: Safer_777

4 years ago#2
Post your Pokemon and the moves and then ask for advice.Nobody likes people that don't do anything.
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User Info: Almorfa

4 years ago#3
Weavile @ Focus Sash
Jolly nature
Pressure ability
252 Atk/252 Spe/6 HP
-Night Slash
-Ice Shard
-Low Kick
-Swords Dance

Glass Cannon lead. Swords Dance in hopes foe will use utility move to start the game netting anywhere from +2-+4 stage increase right off the bat and keep it with focus sash and attempt to sweep. Ice Shard over Ice Punch to go down swinging on a foe with a suspected priority.

Electivire @ Expert Belt
Naive nature
Motor Drive ability
252 Spe/186 Sp.A/72 Atk
-Cross Chop

Mixed sweeper.

Milotic @ Leftovers
Bold nature
Marvel Scale ability
252 HP/252 Def/6 Spe
-Ice Beam
-Dragon Tail

Special wall with physical defense bolstered. Comes with phazing and recovery. Really the only guy who can remotely sponge the weaknesses of the other 3.

Metagross @ Shell Bell/???
Careful nature
Clear Body ability
252 Sp.D/218 HP/40 Def
-Meteor Mash
-Zen Headbutt
-Stealth Rock

Here I'm spreading EVs and using my nature to get Special Defense tied with Attack and Defense. Aiming to make him a bulky attacker with even defenses and pour the rest into HP. Stealth Rock for utility hazard.

Stuck on the last two.
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User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#4
It's mostly for Singles, but check out Tiers are based on how often the pokemon are used. Now, technically a lower-tiered Pokemon, say RU (Rarely Used) can be as good as an OU (Over Used), since tiers are based on how often they are used and not direct power. It's extremely hard to dictate a pokemons true level of power with varying builds, however the tier system is still a decent guideline as if a Pokemon is weak, it won't be used often.

Competitions have set rules as well as tiers you can use, so you want to use the highest tier pokemon you can so as not to give yourself a disadvantage.
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