My multi gen Wedlocke run

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User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#1
Boredness overcame me, so I decided to do a multi wedlocke run.

(wedlocke run is not my creation but marriland's)

Faint = death
Nickname all your pokemon
No boxing pokemon
Only 1 pokemon per route
Even pair of males and females
Only 1 couple can enter a battle, no one else can unless both are death
Once I reach B/W, pokemon with 2 gens behind them can have their DW ability
At the end of a gen old poles CAN be transfered but are reseted to lvl 5 (example: I used butterfree in HG and he lived, i can trade over a lvl 5 caterpie without breaking the catch 1 pok/route)

I think that's it.
It's going to be HG -> plat -> Black -> White 2 hard
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#2
Started HG
Professor Oak come up and gave an explanation, didn't pay much attention, blablabla pokemon blabla care blabla.

Then he asked if I as a boy or a girl, I was like "Isn't it obvious I'm a Bo ... Girl, yep I'm definitely a girl. I'm Rhian, nice to meet ya."

I wonder how long they'll believe this crap. anyway, I woke up and ran downstairs, Mom was sitting there. Giving me bunch of stuff. But where is my breakfast WOMAN. Walked out and ran into my pal's Maril. Ethan said Hi on the way to Prof. Elm's.

Prof Elm was saying a bunch of things ... have I mentioned I have the attention span of a goldfish? Well, I do.
I just walked up and picked Totodile. Nicknamed him Dundee (Adamant, Male).

Totodile Dundee lvl 5
changed options to "Set" battles.

On my way out I got Potions from this nice guy at Elm's work. Good guy. I thanked him and went out. Ethan was waiting outside and congrats me on Dundee.

Now how do I explain this to my mom. I went over there trying my best to convince here I had to do an errand for Elm. I started with "Mom, I have to go" and she interrupted me saying "Ok, enjoy yourself, here is your PokéGear."

I left in a hurry ... in walking speed ... god, can't this go any faster?
... nope, Hurrying in walking speed to Cherrygrove City. Once I entered this crazy fast old man showed me around town. His speed was impressive, I gave a few comments, flirted a bit to discover his secret. HE ended up giving his shoes. They were nice, still warm.
Atleast now I'll go in a decent speed. Next stop Prof Oak's place.

Trained a bit on the way over. Metapods are awesome btw. Was taught what Apricrons were (not a single F was given), and I finally arrived at my destination.
These 2 old farts started talking again, and again my goldfish problem arised, untill I got a PokeDex. Then I decided I should pay attention, but the conversation already pretty much ended. Meh, BACK TO ELM'S.

I walked outside and got a disturbing phonecall from Elm.
I rushed over (you know, battling all the wild pokemon on the way, saying you couldn't come any faster).
Met a trainer, jippie my first real battle. Dundee attacked a couple of times. His Chikorita barely did anything. pff, What a weakling.
When running away he dropped his trainer card, I picked it up but he came back already. So I gave i back. I don't care about that weakling's name.

I went in Elm's Lab and the cops were there, got accused (been there done that), But Ethan covered my ass. Not sure Why I would steal a Chikorita after receiving a tentimes more awesome Totodile Dundee.
He asked if I got his name. "Nope" was my answer.
"I See!" said the cop. "So Nope was his name."
I facepalmed and tried to correct him but by the time I could he was already gone.
Well, atleast he got the haircolour right.

Elm was proud of me receiving a PokeDex. It's not like I did anything but ok.
He said I should try out the gym challenge. I answered with "Challenge accepted"
Time to suit up ... no, wait Sundress up.
He mentioned telling my mom, but she wanted me out, I'm out.
Ethan showed me how to catch pokemon and gave me a couple. Why do all the guys give me stuff. I'm glad the thing I'm a girl. I'm not really into yaoi stuff.

The hunt to a female begins.
Route 29 has no intresting pokemon.
So I'll go further and meet up with Joey.

On my way to Joey I encountered a lvl 3 female Caterpie.
Caught it and named it Honey

Wedding Ceremony
Honey and Dundee are now (happily) wed.
went back to heal at the center and challenged Joey while training Honey.

Dundee lvl 10 m
Honey (Jolly) lvl 3 f

now I have to catch the next pokemon in the next route.
Praying to find a few Metapods on the way I go to joey, (stupid pidgeys)

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#3
Fought all the trainers in route 30, trying to train Caterpie.
and I enter route 31, to my surprise.

That was a short route o.o.
Encountered a female Pidgey.
Dundee lvl 11 m
Honey lvl 5 f

Pidgey Squeaky Hardy lvl 3 f

atleast I got someone who knows fly now.
next up has to be male (prob male Ghastly, since it's the only one you find in the tower).
(sidenote: Should I view caves like the dark Cave as a seperate route?)

I (tried to) enter Violet City but got stopped by Ethan. What's your problem now, Ethan?
He was suprised I'm already here. I told him it was the shoes. still warm :3.
I entered Violet and healed asap.
I'm not going in the tower JUST yet, I have to train Honey and Squeaky to atleast lvl 8.
~Grinding time ~
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#4
(not caring if anyone follows this, I'll continue up to the first badge)
trained Squeaky till he knows Gust and Till Honey Evolved

Before entering the sprout Tower
Dundee lvl 11 m
Honey lvl 10 f

Squeaky lvl 9 f

The sprout Tower gave me a rattata, not intrested in one so I killed it and moved one, so no Ghastly :(

Went up to the Tower, Honey proofed to be awesome.
By the Time I was at the elder, Butterfree knew Stun Spore and Sleep powder (yay).
That strange fella was there aswell. I geuss he got better because he won ... for once.
I won and when to the gym.
The Gym trainers were rather easy.

When I stand infront of Falkner I had.
Dundee lvl 13
Honey lvl 13
Squeaky lvl 10

Dundee finished of the first one easy.
but the Pidgeotto was more difficult. swapped to butterfree (was scared cause he's weak to flying types) but the damage was pathetic. Sleep powder + Confusion for the Win.

Falkner commended me for my awesomeness, and I pointed it out aswell.
took Roost and continue southwards.
debating if Butterfree should take up Roost.
entering Route 32 now, hoping for an awesome new male.
but sadly, another male Rattata *shakes fist at the rodent*

Forgot to pick up my "present" at the pokemart, so I went there and got an egg.
Egg will be deposited, since I already encountered my male in this city.
Some chick ran up to me and said the egg was special.
ignored and moving on.
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: xfyrenx

4 years ago#5
Please continue.
"Eat all your school, stay in milk, drink your teeth, don't do sleep and get eight hours of drug." Mr.T

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#6
So I set off to leave again.
Defeated the trainers on my way. Got a few phone numbers from people. Not like I'll use em.
Saw a guy selling Slowpoketails, looked yummy but the pricetag was slightly above my standarts. Entered the Union Cave and found a male sandshrew. Caught it and welcomed it to my crew.

Pidgey and Sandshrew were madly in love. So they wed right there in the middle of the cave. Isn't love beautyful?

Dundee lvl 13 m
Honey lvl 13 f

Squeaky lvl 10 f
Slasher Bold lvl 5 m

nothing special happend in the cave. went through it with no problems.
found TM Rock Tomb (iirc), so I gave Sandshrew RT.

outside I want to Azeal Town and decided to bring Squeaky and Slasher up on par with Dundee and Honey. The "powerlevel" between the 2 couple is incredible.

Trained Squeky and Slasher to 15 and challenged the Gym.
By the time I was at Bugsy my team was.
Dundee lvl 18 m
Honey lvl 17 f

Squeaky lvl 15 f
Slasher Bold lvl 15 m

Dundee was the only one without a SE move on the bugs. So Slasher opened up the fight. That Scyther nearly got Slasher twice, but thank god for potions. had to swap with Squeaky midbattle or else we would have had our first funeral. Squeaky was fighting off Kakuna when she got posioned. Which was nerve wrecking because if I'd miss the next move I'll die (or if Bugsy healed) because of posion. (1HP + posioned).
But Gust was reliable and Bugsy was defeated. blabla badge and TM blabla Cut.
And we're off. but before anything else *uses potion on Squeaky* on to the centre.
healed up and putted Dundee in the front. as I marched into the forest.

But that loser stopped me again. Complaining about weak people and Team Rocket. Like he's one to speak. of all the fights I've seen, he only won once. Which is not too bad since I only saw 2. But besides the point, he got intrested when I shrucked off at Team Rocket's "power". And decided to test me. Dundee took care of little Ghastly he sent out Bayleaf after, which means Honey time. Sleep Powder > nameless loserz.

After being defeated he still complained about weaklings. I guess it DOES take one to know one. but I moved on.
I entered the forest but I got stopped again. Some guy lost 2 Farfech'd and I had to capture them.
Since when does a guy tell a bypassing girl what to do?
Or perhaps he saw through my disguise. Found the Birds I did, Caught them I did and rewarded I was. They taught me Cut so I can pass by the forest.

A little later I saw the same girl I saw in Violet City.
How did see pass the forest without using cut? all the branches were still in the way.
And Sudowoodo was standing on the otherside of Goldenrod City. But my Goldfish attitude made sure she was long gone before I figured out how I would ask those questions. It appears Dundee showed her the way out.

I followed the same path in vain, because she was no where in sight. On the way to Goldenrod City I came across Ethan again, oh boy. What kind of goodies would I get this time. He introduced me to his grandparents. Isn't it a little early to meet the family already, shouldn't we exchange numbers first, but before I knew it he was standing infront of me with a scrap of paper with digits on it. *rolls eyes* great.

I accepted, listened to a song I heard on the radio in my head while the others finish up their conversation. When I walked out, the grandpa gave me his number. I gave him an oddlook but accepted it anyway, you never know what kinks these people have.

Moments later I entered Goldenrod City, every girls dream going on a shoppingspree.

Shopping time!
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#7
Run through the entire Goldenrod city in search for an Eevee, with no luck.
So I stopped By the radio tower.

appareantly there is a quiz you can participate for something.
I tried like 15 times, I swear that girls goldfish powers are 10 times worse then mine.

a Pink haired chick was impressed by my vast knowledge of answering yes or no at random.
"I have to go back to the gym" she said and ran off in a hurry.
There is a gym? I ran to it battled through it but I felt a little ... underpowered , so I trained a bit.

Squeaky lvl 15
Slasher lvl 15

Honey lvl 24
Dundee lvl 23

again went with the basic sleep powder + attack option.
she trolled me with Milk Drink a few times but it didn't change the end result.
If this was an internet battle she probably would have DCed by now. *evil grin*
She started crying.
and crying
and crying
and cr... screw this I'm out.
Got stopped by a girl who would let me pass, told Whitney to put a cork in it.
didn't help. after bringing some thee she calmed down.
apoligised and gave me attract ... most useless gym TM EVER, and ofcourse the badge itself.

I stepped outside and noticed this nice little flower shop next door. Went in to buy some flowers for my mom, cause you know I ignored like 15 phone calls from her.
But what did I get ... a springler.
close enough.
Now we shall go north.
The weird tree from before was in the way so I springled it, sadly all the water from the springler fell out and the tree fainted. Weird, I poked it a few times. It's kinda squishy.

But I have better things to do, so I moved on.
Went inside some theatre building seeing a girl getting harashed, Super me to the rescue.
Hey, it's that girl again ... talking about ... goldfish?
anyway went out explored town a bit and bumped into this guy called Bill.
blablabla GoldenRod blabla. he was gone and then it hit me. EEVEE

So I ran back asap to Goldenrod to be united with my lovely Eevee.

New member:
Eevee Eve Timid lvl 5 F

Not sure if I'll go Jolteon or Espeon, all I know is, I need a water type for surf, cause Dundee will get Waterfall.

Went back to Ecruteak City and enter the Tower, met this VERY intresting guy called Esine. I heard he was looking after Suicune (who isn't?).

Walked up ahead, still daydreaming about what Esine said, when this loser bumped into me.

blablabla weakling blablabla, does anyone ever care what you talk about?
Dundee bited Ghastly to death, while Honey sleep powdered and Psy beamed the rest.
I noticed that Magneton might become an issue with my fabulous Dundee+Honey combo.

But worry not, because next time I might see something legen wait for it...
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: Defender31415

4 years ago#8
Interesting concept... tracking.
--- LG Nuzlocke Team: Percy (Blastoise), Sora (Pidgeot), Xena (Primeape), Eremos (Sandslash), La-Z-Boy (Snorlax)

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#9
Dary, Legendaries.

I took the stairs down and saw 2 beast run away in a flash. One beast lingered. It's magnificent blue mane following the flow of the wind around us, the crystal on top of it's forehead, the eyes, the way it penetrated my very being. I only saw it for a moment, but god, what a moment.
Eusine left my mind as fast as it was entered. In a desperate attempt to find this creature I started to explore this tower, but no luck. So I went ahead to the gym.
The levels were a bit high, so I went to Mahogany Town. Found Shadow Claw and HM Strenght. Explored a bit and entered the gym. Sleep powder was once again my most used move in a gym battle. Nothing special.

Dundee: 30
Honey: 30
others: same as before.

went back to Olivine City. Up to the Lighttower, found Jasmine.
She ordered me to get a potion for Amphy. This creature is the epitome of the Lighthouse, thousands of sailors use it to find it's way ... yet, it can't learn Tail Glow.
*I shrugged and left* found a sailor who I smooshed a Rod from. And caught myself a Krabby. A new member enters my Team: Cookie.

Cookie marries Eve.
now my teams are complete. Not that I use more then Honey and Dundee.
Cookie learned Surf and ... nothing, since I still didn't defeat Morty.
so I went back to Morty. I used the first Ghastly to use Agility with Dundee to outspeed Gengar (their fast). and Crunched everyone to death.
Now Cookie can use Surf.
Found my way to Cianwood Villa ...City.
I was promised a little gift from this old hag outside the gym, IF I was capable of defeating Morty.

Went in Psybeamed at their faces with Honey and left with a shiny new badge. yay, now Squeaky finally has a use.
Now FLY, to Rage Lake thingy.Some people commented on The Gyarados normally not being red. I dunno, never saw a blue one either. I managed to calm the Gyarados down and met this guy Lance, being all badass with a Dragonite.
Said something about Team Rocket and asked my help. I accepted, I needed to train a bit for Jasmine. Who better then Team Rocket to farm me some exp.

Lance showed me the way to this secret hideout. I found out that if I set my foot infront of a sensor, grunts show up to battle me. YAY exp.
Many many many battles later. I met Lance again, we need 2 passwords to enter the main room. battles some more come across that loser again who always complains about other losers. get out you, I need exp.
Battled Pryce, and won with ease. Gave a small candy to his cute Murkrow and went ahead to the main room. Appareantly it had a voicekey input.
Ballz, we need pryce.
"All hail Giovanni" and the gates opened. Confused I looked around only seeing that little Murkrow standing behind me. Then Team Rocket showed out of no where demanding a battle, 2 against 1. bring it on. But then Lance ruined my fun.
oh nooo, 2 against 1 isn't fair. Get out!
other job easily done by Team Rocket.
Next up is my greatest fear, fighting Jasmine.
I misclicked and entered Ecruteak City, I'll go further on foot.
On the way I encountered one of those magnificent Beast, Raikou. I used sleep powder, he ran away. Talk about sleep walking :/.

Did a quick stop at the market for 15 paralyze heals and entered the gym.
I started with Butterfree, again sleep powder was my game.
Sadly Thunder Wave + SuperSonic was theirs. SilverWind netted me +1 everything against the first magnemite. Which greatly reduced the dmg of a Tbolt.
15 turns later I was standing infront of Steelix with Honey who had no super effective moves and Dundee who's only neutral move does less then Honey's Psybeam.

So I used sleep powder to make him sleep, Roost on turn 1 of sleep and slowly take his HP down, hoping his Rock throws don't crit.
Gladly they didn't. My 7th Badge was earned, Yahooo!

I walked outside and Professor Elm gave me a call, that's for tomorrow, naptime.
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