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User Info: Jabroniplease

4 years ago#1
So i have been playing casually for years with my friends. Recently they all decided to stop playing, however i have unlimited access to all their stuff ( that is over 534 pkmn between us). So i decided to go pro(world champ) and was looking for tips to prepare myself for meta game. Mind you i need tips primarily about team building, movesets, strategies, item recommendations and things that i will probably see in tourny play to properly prepare myself.This is primarily bcuz while my friends and i played for fun we still ev trained some of our pokes just bcuz they were faves and so we wanted them at best. So i know how to raise em but who why and what item, move or strategy is more my issue. Any help is appreciated THANK YOU!

User Info: boxdude123

4 years ago#2
There's so much for you to learn. I'd probably be easier for you to just play the game and do google searches on stuff you want to know.
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