Just found a Shiny Baltoy in the Relic Castle

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User Info: SoIldSnlvy

4 years ago#1

Selfdestruct lol.

I'm crying right now.
Official and Original Mountain-Eating Goddamn Aggron of the Black/White Boards
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User Info: EtherPhoenix

4 years ago#2
I left myself logged in on my friend's CPU and he changed my sig to this ^_^;
Official Breloom of the Pokemon X boards

User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#3
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User Info: Metalgenesis

4 years ago#4
This is why you save your masterball.
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User Info: Mariofan15

4 years ago#5
From: Metalgenesis | #004
This is why you save your masterball.

Because it's totally not possible to encounter it before getting one,right?
Pokemon White 2 FC:4513-9468-5924

User Info: Amesang

4 years ago#6
Urge to raise a Spore/False Swipe Damp Parasect rising…
"Help! Help! They've destroyed my cousin's brain!! Oh, my god! They've already milked you, haven't they?!!" -- Phoncible P. Bone

User Info: NotetoSelf13

4 years ago#7
I've been complaining about being unlucky in Pokemon lately... But this takes the cake. Almost worse than a safari zone shiny encounter because this one you may have had a chance. /:
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