favorite fire, water, grass from all 5th gens?

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User Info: xfyrenx

4 years ago#11
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User Info: Alexichu

4 years ago#12
Mine has to be:

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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#13
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User Info: CyberWhiteTiger

4 years ago#14
If this is meant to be only starters from Gen I to V then it'll be this:

Grass - Definitely has to be Sceptile (easily the best grass starter)
Fire - This is the toughest one however i really like Charizard (then in order, Infernape, Blaziken, Typhlosion, Emboar)
Water - Feraligatr it has been the only water starter to convince me to choose water instead of fire and since gen III all other water starters have been meh.

If this is including all fire, water and grass types up to gen V then it'll be:

Fire: Charizard (always will be)
Water: Starmie
Grass: Roserade (especially shiny version)
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User Info: CakeOfLies

4 years ago#15

I'd choose Swampert if that didn't make me look like a "Hoenn Babbie."
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  3. favorite fire, water, grass from all 5th gens?

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