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User Info: javel34

4 years ago#1
I've been building a triple team which has done okay I guess in PWT, but haven' tried it online.

My pokemon:

Horn Leech
High Jump Kick

I'm pretty much trying to build the team around him. He is a beast, unless he gets by a fighting move :(

Leaf blade
Heal Bell
Sunny Day

When I was breeding him I think I was going for a sun team with Sawsbucks Chlorophyll, but I mostly spam leaf blade and synthesis with him. Can take hits though :p I don't mind switching him out for something to give me more coverage


Fake out
Drain Punch
Stone Edge

He is decent, but seems to be getting outsped a lot for some reason and if he gets hit he pretty much is done for.


Fire punch
Seed bomb
Body Slam

Straight up attacker that can take most hits, but I like him so far.


Perish song
Ice Beam

Yea.....was supposed to be a perish trapper for singles and I've found it doesn't work well for triples lol

My sixth pokemon was a Jolteon I went through the game with.

So as it stands Snorlax and Sawbuck are solid, Mienshao has been underwhelming, but maybe I'm not doing it right lol. And Leafeon can stay or go doesn't matter much to me.

I was thinking of adding Litwick to help with psychics and fighting types as well as grass and steel. Growlithe was another pokemon I was considering.

So any suggestions?

User Info: SooChillin

4 years ago#2
Online Mienshao is a beast.
I also tend to use Pokemon I like the design of, so Snorlax has gotten some usage.

That particular Snorlax would get torn to bits, but Curse-Lax has served me pretty well.

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