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User Info: Plazmalamp

4 years ago#1
I have accepted a challenge from a friend of mine, get 6 random eggs and use them as my team to beat the game. This makes it more of a challange than catching a team that works well together.

I have gotten my game to the point where I can do trading and now must ask for help. Please give me an egg, don't tell what it is. I will share that once I get and hatch all six eggs.

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User Info: PeckingBird

4 years ago#2
How about winning online match with full jigglypuffs instead?
Shadow Trixie

User Info: joejones6

4 years ago#3
people on the trade boards can usually help u out fast
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User Info: Plazmalamp

4 years ago#4
joejones6 posted...
people on the trade boards can usually help u out fast

I did switch to the trading board. I forgot that it was broken up into multiple sections.

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