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User Info: HylianPaladin

4 years ago#1
Serebii says:

Interact at Nacrene City for Uxie in Black 2.
Interact at Celestial Tower for Mesprit - B2.
Interact at Route 23 for Azelf - also B2.

How can I interact with them if I don't have detail on what makes them APPEAR?

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User Info: DKU_Arich

4 years ago#2
On Route 20 (the Virbank City side), head down the water until you find a waterfall. Go up it and you'll find this cave in which Juniper talks to you and the trio flies to their respective locations.

Took me a while to find it, too.

User Info: tadashii18

4 years ago#3
In Nacrene I remember you have to stand in front on the museum for one of them to appear. It'll tell you when you're in the right spot. Same with the other 2
Mesprit is in the center of the platform atop celestial tower in two steps away from the bell and azelf is where Terrakion was on that route I think
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