Your Pokemon Team Names

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User Info: SarojPollard

4 years ago#1
do you guys have names for your pokemon teams and if you do what are they
mines are

Sceptile, charzard, umbreon, Leafeon, torterra, infernape (Burning Forest)

Vaporeon, Raichu, empoleon, Emboar, Jolteon, Blastoise (Voltage Storm)

Typhlosion, espeon, serperior, meganium, flareon, blaziken (Mystic Fire)

ice punch Feraligatr, glaceon, ice beam samurott, empoleon, charizard, avalanche swamert (Frost Bite)

I mix my pkmn up a lot and make new teams, these are jus a few of them
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User Info: tadashii18

4 years ago#2
Nothing creative like that haha. I usually just give them generic names like my Trick-Sand team
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User Info: SSJDennis

4 years ago#3
I have a team, full of dragon. I called it; Might Dragons, ARISE!!

Team consist of Garchomp(ph. sweeper), Gyarados(bulky with roar), Kingdra(rain dance sweep), Latias(dual screen), Kyurem (sub/roost) and Milotic (Resttalk).
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User Info: wutzgood

4 years ago#4
My new hax doubles team is called-make my opponents throw their ds at the wall team.
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