are move tutor moves breedable?

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User Info: magicmuffin6787

4 years ago#1
are move tutor moves breedable?

like here is an example

i have a hitmontop with sucker punch (HG move tutor move) if i breed it with ditto would the baby tyrouge come out with sucker punch?

User Info: Mikey_R

4 years ago#2
Not unless it is an egg move.

In this case, Tyrogue can't learn Sucker Punch at all, so the only way to get Sucker Punch on a Hitmontop is via the Gen 4 move tutor.
shiningpikablu252 4 years ago#3
Sorry, but move tutor moves can't pass down on that merit. Only if it's also an egg move on a male or a level-up move on both parents can such a move pass down through breeding.

Interestingly enough, this ignores the precedent Crystal was supposed to have set concerning such moves; Crystal's move tutors could indeed pass down from father to offspring by that merit alone, I really don't see why that changed when move tutors returned in FireRed/LeafGreen and apparently followed FireRed/LeafGreen's lead instead of Crystal's for later tutors...
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  3. are move tutor moves breedable?

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