My multi gen Wedlocke Challenge V2.0

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User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#1
Old one got locked cause I didn't update in a week (didn't have the time)
So repost!
Faint = death
Nickname all your pokemon
No boxing pokemon
Only 1 pokemon per route
Even pair of males and females
Only 1 couple can enter a battle, no one else can unless both are death
Once I reach B/W, pokemon with 1 game behind them can have their DW ability
At the end of a gen old poles CAN be transfered but are reseted to lvl 5 (example: I used butterfree in HG and he lived, i can trade over a lvl 5 caterpie without breaking the catch 1 pok/route)
I think that's it.
It's going to be HG -> plat -> Black -> White 2 hard

It appears Team Rocket has made a mess in the radio tower, and Prof Elm called the Johto Hero of the Day: ME!
I ran over to GoldenRod City. It was not a pretty sight. It seems Team Rocket is serious this time. everything is locked up.
I went to the tower, but the entrance got blocked by some dude.
"Team Rocket members only"
Remember my face buddy, cause I'll kick your ass.
"Sorry, Team Rocket members only""
Darnit, Stealth mode it is, searched far and wide in GoldenRod for help, but nobody could help me, so I went downtown ... the underground.
It appears someone left a uniform there. Thank god that guy found it.
Changed my outfit and went back to the tower.
"You look familiar ... must be a vet member, come on in"
and out of the blue, that no good idiot showed up again, claiming I was a weakling for joining Team Rocket.
Now I coulnd't let that slide, now could I?
Me, Team Rocket, I stripped dowxn infront of them. Saw a nosebleed or 2, and wore my normal outfit again.
"Wait, you're not a Team Rocket member, let's fight"

argh, I wanted to do that from the start.

... well Team rocket is Team Rocket, easy.
faint faint faint, reached the top, faint.
went in the basement, came across that idiot again, looking for Lance.
Won ofcourse. Moved on, found the president.

Went back to the Tower, all of these Team Rocket members LOVE to talk, lost my attention 18 hours ago (side note, playtime was 18hours at this point :D).
Went back to the top, so Team Rocket leaves.
President was happy and gave me a Rainbow wing, pretty.
So, next stop Blackthorn City.
Did the maze that is called Ice Cave, found waterfall, finally a good stab move for Dundee.

Once I entered Blackthorn I healed up and went south, trained tilll I was 48ish before defeating Clair.
Clair was ... annoying.
I started with Dundee ... cause ... Intimidate
Sleep powder, swap to Dundee, Dundee Strenghted a few times till Gyarados is death (she used 1 full Restore), Ice fang on both airs, and combination of moves on Kingdra.
Kingdra hitted pretty hard (4HKO), but not hard enough.

Clair was ... not happy, when I say not happy I mean Withney not happy.
Are all woman like this?
So, I had to get approval from some old guy, which I strangly got.
It looks like I got a winner's spirit. ALRIGHT!
Visited Elm to show of my new badges, and encountering Raikou once again. Still Sleep running.
He gave me an exciting new ball.
That's not strange at all, don't you think. A twelf year old girl receiving balls from professors.

anyway, I had to go to Ecruteak City to se the Kimono girl.
So Squeaky flew me there, and I went in.
To my suprise it was not 1 Kimono Girl but 5.
That actually explains alot. They challenged me to a D-D-D-D-Duel.
Man, did they give me trouble. Especially the one with Jolteon, I had to outstall them with super potions untill she used Double Team, I sleep powdered (Honey was slower) and Bug bited twice to death.
But still no deaths.

The Kimono Girls said they have a suprise for me. That's for next tmie.
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: xfyrenx

4 years ago#2
From: McTCM | #001
I stripped dowxn infront of them. Saw a nosebleed or 2

Lol. Love the narrative.
"Eat all your school, stay in milk, drink your teeth, don't do sleep and get eight hours of drug." Mr.T

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#3
The Kimono girls said they saw potential in me.
This isn't the first time people said that, and afterwards I have to do something for them. What is it this time.

The Girls asked me to follow them, had to climb a tower come out on top and they summoned Ho-oh, one of the most epic battles ever.
*battle start*

... I had no intention of catching it, nor defeating it.
The girls were dissapointed but I had better things to do. The E4 for one.
So I went back to my home town and sailed east. explored a cave, fought against a trainer with a saurfetish, and continued.

Not many trainers are around here, water, land, cave, more semi strong wild pokemon, yet no trainers.
at the end of the cave that loser showed up again. I should ask his name, cause this is getting annoying.

We battled, he lost; Big suprise there. I noticed I had arrived at E4.
But I was unsure if my victory would be garanteed.
so I went back to train, up to lvl 53 for both Dundee and Honey.
checked my voicemail for all my calls
*15 missed calls from my mom*
all the same message, "I bought stuff with your money. enjoy"

The good news about it was, choice scarf was one of them. No more speed issues :D.
Before entering I bough 44 Full Restores, giving me a total of 46 f Restores.

First one was easy, I crunched everyone to death, Excegutor survived one and used reflect. Slowbro could hereby survive 3 crunches, He used those turns to succesfully buff himself 3 times with amnesia.

GG Wil

next up Koga,

was a bit bigger problem, Crobat outspeeds Honey, He tried to annoy me with confusion ray, but sadly, it failed. I succesfully sleep powder him, hit myself 3 times and killed him with psybeam before he woke up.

no problem.

if I recall correctly he started with an Onix, and he has 2.
He started with Hitmontop, and has one. *facepalm* probably his Red set up.
So I started with Dundee and Waterfall'd my way through. Hitmonchan survived and used T-Punch, paraing me, killed him next turn and used F restore, cause para is annoying (and I had 1/3 of my health).
F restore numbero 1 USED.

Next up, Agetha ... no, Karen darnit, I'm too confused.
started with Honey, sleep powder + Bugg Buzz dominated the game (besides Umbreon cause sync, and Houndoom ... a fire type).
When it was Doom's day, Dundee saved the day.


Now, I'm up against the champ (already?)
didn't know who he'd start with so I used Honey, the savest bet (sleep powder + swap if needed)
he started with Gyarados, so I sleep powdered and swapped, Gyarados has too much special bulk for Honey to be effective. So I picked Ice Fang, it has a chance to freeze, to flinch is neutral to Gyara and the rest are weak to it.
Killed him with no problems, in comes Dragonite. Ice fang => not death T-Waved back.
next turn He Hyper beamed and I killed.
New dragonite, I used F restore he used Thunder F***!
he missed (fieuw) I use Ice Fang, he flinched and turn after killed.
last Dragonite used Hyperbeam, not much happend. died EZ.
Aero was sent out, swapped with Honey, Thunder Fang dammaged me a bit, sleep powder after receiving another T fang, swapped with Dundee again and Waterfall to the finish.
Charizard couldn't handle the pressure.
I won

I AM THE CHAMPION ... with 44 Full restores left.


but sadly it is not done yet. Still have to get 8 more badges. (I already fear Lt. Surge)
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#4
After partying all night, celebrating me being the most awesome baddass champion in history of pokemon. Professor Elm suggested I should visit Kanto, lots of stuff to do.
I think I'm unwanted in my hometown.

Oh well, got a free ticket out of it.
Squaky flew me to Goldenrod city and I took the boat.
He guy said he lost his granddaughter and can't find her ...

So, I decided my first job as champion is help this poor guy to get his average life back.
The hunt begins, fought tons of people for information, none if which were usefull, untill I ended up in the captain's cabin.
The girl was "entertaining" the captain.
Some cultures frown upon that you know >:/

The girl asked to play hide and seek.
I AM THE CHAMPION, I have no time for this no ...
The girl was gone, reported back to the oldman, telling him she's on the boat and took a nap.
It's a 3 day trip, I still got time.
The food was delicious, these A class tickets are awesome.
When Kanto was in sight, I started looking for the little girl, still hiding behind the corner.

I got out and searched for the closest gym.

... Lt Surge ...
Nope, not that one, not yet.

So I went north, and entered the psychic gym, equiped the choice scarf and destroyed Sabrina. She knew I was coming and still she lost.
What a noob.

Went out and checked the dojo next door,
Oh well, NORTH we go.

A new gym, Misty's
However the gym was empty.
I heard somewhere she was on a date after the nugget bridge.
So I went in search of stopping this madness and fight me.

I had to defeat 7 trainers to go through,
And my first Horror happend here.
I was training Honey, cause she was behind in levels, sleep powder the opposing pokemon (can't remember the name :( ) I attacked, it survived and woke up. Used Roar!
Eve came out, Noooooo both Eve and Cookie weren't trained so both got killed.
Killed the opponent with Dundee and cried in a corner.

Finished the rest with no problems.
To end up not finding Misty.
It was all for not.

I went back and held a funeral

*dresses in black and morns*
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#5
bump for lack of playing time
FC:2537 8652 0098

User Info: McTCM

4 years ago#6
McTCM posted...
bump for lack of playing time
FC:2537 8652 0098
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