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User Info: crazy12_3

4 years ago#1
I was thinking of making the easy decision of a sand team as my first team. These are the pokes im thinking of using

Tyranitar(bring sand) i wanted to make a bulky one
Gliscor(stall with toxic) should i give him poison heal or sand veil? Forretress(spinner) can set up entry hazards
Dugtrio(revenge killer) come in and revenge kill
Blissey(switch in on special attks)

Is this a good start?
What should the items be for forretress and tyranitar
What should be the last poke?
Should i switch something?
Thanks for any feedback. Hope the teams not too bad.
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User Info: TwiceNightley

4 years ago#2
Maybe I'm wrong, but I think having specific 'weather teams' leaves gapping vulnerabilities.

Sun teams will have high fire power (pun intended) with their Heat Waves and Eruptions, but a well placed Rock Slide or Earthquake will be costly.

Rain teams bring the rain (intended again) and sock it to you with Surf and Water Spout, expecially with Storm Drain and Water Absorb, but again, it's costly because Thunder will deal a lot of damage and won't miss. Discharge will be painful too.

Sand teams seem a little less risky, but since most weather teams seem to be a bit greedy (opting for the weather boost, plus STAB), a Surf, Earthquake or Blizzard can mean end game for the wrong Pokemon.

Hail teams are even less risky, but again, Rock Slide and Heat Wave will be deadly.

I don't use any particular weather team, but since they are all fairly common, I have many Pokemon with moves to turn it at least partially in my favor (Hurricane, Thunder, Heat Wave, Rock Slide, Tailwind, etc.)

I'd suggest having your auto-weather Pokemon (Snow Warning, Drought, Drizzle or Sand Stream), and maybe two other Pokemon of STAB typing at most. Sun team? Ninetales, Volcarona and Heatran, with three other Pokemon that can use fire type moves but aren't weak to rock, ground, or water. Just my suggestion.
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