Why is Hypno so terrible

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User Info: SammySueRice

4 years ago#1
Why is my Hypno so offensively garbage? He seemed pretty good in fire red and leaf green but now he's totally useless and I want to punch him in his face.

User Info: shadowreaper7

4 years ago#2
That Chuck Norris roundhouse kick. - Check out the battle revolution videos.
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#3
Why would you even use Hypno in the first place?
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User Info: helldew

4 years ago#4
because power creep stuff got stronger as the games progressed. Gen1 pokemon tend to sufice by having insane move pools IE Tbolt on random pokemon like Nidoking or starmie where as now we get higher stats but stuff like Sesmitoad cant even learn icebeam anymore.
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User Info: RAcastBlaster

4 years ago#5
Well, new pokemon are often better than older pokemon in terms of stat distribution. And Hypno has NEVER had a very good stat distribution. Everything is pretty much in the gutter, and he's very slow. If you want something that's got Hypno's special defense and other good stats, look to Reuniclus for something more offensively minded, or Musharna, for something more defensively minded.

Kecleon is a very strange, but very fun to use pokemon, as well. It's got a bit more Special Defense than Hypno, and it's slower, but it's got a very usable base 90 Attack stat, which is more than Hypno could ever hope to say.
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User Info: Mugiloko

4 years ago#6
because its from gen 1
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User Info: residentbowers

4 years ago#7
i use one with pretty good success. he's actually good for setting up trick room in double/triples most people seem to have no idea he has inner focus so they think fake out will stop him. he's got a great move pool with access to nasty plot, he's good for support, and he can baton pass if you hack or actually get one from xd. there's really no reason you shouldn't be able to use one unless you still stuck playing singles, or you take this game too seriously.

i use, a set with
trick room
dream eater
focus blast
and pair it with gravity so hypnosis and focus blast are 100%. i know dream eater is silly and i've lost a few matches because of it, but its a f***ing hypno. how could you not use that move with him?
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User Info: tadashii18

4 years ago#8
Quote:because its from gen 1

Alakazam and Mewtwo
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

4 years ago#9
Alakazam and Mewtwo did not enter the newer gens with less 42 base Sp. Attack.

User Info: cancerstorm

4 years ago#10
pure power poliwrath pls game freak
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