Dust Clouds and Evolution Stones

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User Info: XwailingX

4 years ago#1
Anyway, I want to find a Dawn Stone before the Elite Four (since Antique Shops only come after Elite Four I think.) to evolve my Kirlia. Do Dawn Stones spawn from Dust Clouds or only other Evolution stones do? Serebii says that you can find them in dust clouds, but I don't know. Bulbapedia doesn't say so.
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User Info: Fullmetal_77

4 years ago#2
You can get an Antique Shop pre-E4. The nursery is the only shop that requires beating the E4. That said, the antique seems to be harder to come by than the others.
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#3
Yes, you can find Dawn Stones in dust clouds.

Also, you can get an antique shop before the Elite 4. It's the nursery that you can't get until then.
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