So, did the EXP cap exist in B/W?

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  3. So, did the EXP cap exist in B/W?

User Info: Mystery_Cooper

4 years ago#1
Thought I'd try to get to as much EXP I could from a single pokemon.

White Treehollow Blissey + Lucky Egg + EXP Power +3 + Traded (non-Foreign) Level 1 Pokemon should have yielded a ton of EXP.

But I only got exactly 100,000 EXP, which seemed odd. Then I found out it was a cap. Seems stupid if you ask me. :/

When I tried something similar in White a long time ago though, against a stadium Audino and I could swear my Foreign pokemon jumped to around level 60-ish.

So... Yeah. Was I imagining it in White, or was the cap introduced in B2W2?
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User Info: FuneralCake

4 years ago#2
I've never tried getting as much EXP as possible in BW, but I think I remember a friend of mine trying it and saying she only got 100,000 EXP.

I do really hate that cap, though. Hopefully it's removed in future games.
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User Info: Mystery_Cooper

4 years ago#3
Well, the reason I could swear that it hit around the 60s was because I recalled that the pokemon, Tangela, had learned Power Whip and continued to level up. Checking Bulbapedia, Tangela learns it at level 54 in White, which needs 157464 EXP, and is thus above the cap.

I tried to calculate the amount of EXP I'd get from the battle in White, but I have a feeling that the Metalkid calc is broken since it's giving me more experience from Audino than Blissey. So I tried plugging in values from the equation in Bulbapedia and it gives me enough EXP to reach 56.

Then again, the Bulbapedia page does say "In Generation V, it is impossible to gain more than 100,000 experience from any single Pokémon.", so I guess I just mistook Power Whip for... Slam, I guess? Ah well, either way, still ultimately evolved my Larvesta after another Breeder battle, so it doesn't really matter anymore.

Man, I should really be studying for exams or sleeping instead of spending time calculating pointless stuff....
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  3. So, did the EXP cap exist in B/W?

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