I know you won't like this but,.. Team advice please?

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  3. I know you won't like this but,.. Team advice please?

User Info: Lucytenshi

4 years ago#1
Adamant / Poison Heal / Toxic Orb
252 att
252 spd
Focus Punch
Seed Bomb

Modest / Magnet Pull / Choice Specs
172 HP
252 S.ATT
84 spd
Volt Switch
Hidden Power Fire
Flash Cannon

Adamant / Intimidate / Life Orb
252 att
252 spd
Dragon Dance

Calm / Natural Cure / Leftovers
252 S.def
252 def
Stealth Rock
Soft Boiled

I want a Physical wall that would fit into this team well enough, and someone who can Baton pass Speed boosts and Swords dance

Any help would be really great thanks :)

Edit: I changed what I wanted for Blissey since I discovered that the blissey I wanted could only be hacked in :(

So now I have one that can be gotten legit.
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User Info: chaocross

4 years ago#2
Careful/Sand Stream/Shell Bell
252 HP
252 SD
-Slack Off
-Ice Fang/Fire Fang
-Curse/Revenge/Stone Edge or Rock Slide

If you can get one with the DW ability Sand Force it would work better with your team. Could change nature to Impish and move EVs to def for a solid physical wall. If you pick Curse, Adamant could work as he'll heal more off higher damage. Revenge hits super effectively for essentially 4x damage if Hippowdon was hit first. Types, abilities, and Leftovers negate any damage Sand Stream would cause except for Gyarados and maybe this guy:

Jolly or Adamant/Focus Sash
252 HP
252 Spe
-Swords Dance
-Baton Pass
-Bug Bite/whatever

Dance, protect or dance again if max hp, pass buffs to someone else. Final move is so it can attack if Taunted or last alive, I prefer to eat any possible berry if forced to attack. Pretty much screwed with sand/hail present though.
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  3. I know you won't like this but,.. Team advice please?

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