Orginal or Black/White 2?

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User Info: Seaofshells

4 years ago#1

I'm a relatively new Pokemon player, having played several titles but only completing one so far (X). I've dabbled here and there with past generations, but I finally became addicted this time around. Anyway, I'm looking to get my hands on the last gen versions, but should I get the original B/W or one of the sequels? Does it matter? Would I be missing a ton of content if I skipped the original versions? Thanks in advance, and happy holidays.
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User Info: davidledsma

4 years ago#2
You wouldn't miss much because the game explains all the stuff that happened in the previous game, plus B/W2 has quite a few extras.
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User Info: reaverz

4 years ago#3
BW2 is definitely the better choice for having several hours' worth of things to do after beating the game, as well as having access to various useful move tutors if you're transferring to XY when it becomes possible.
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User Info: iammaxhailme

4 years ago#4
Personally I liked the original's plot/ingame playthrough better, and 2's everything else
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User Info: DestroyrofSouls

4 years ago#5
I've played the series since Gen 2 (Pokemon Gold and Silver on the original Gameboy, about 10 years back). I can say whole-heartedly, even with nostalgia blocking the way, that Black 2 is my favorite Pokemon game of all time (including Pokemon X). So, if you consider my opinion, please DO GET THIS GAME. :)
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