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User Info: SamParkk

3 years ago#1
I need help with Pokegen! I use v3.1.13 and I dont know if there's an update but I need help filling trash bytes. I know you do a repition of \FFFF\0000\FFFF depending on the Pokemon species but it won't let me on my Pokegen. I can only fill in 11 characters and it say length limit reached when I didn't even put in \FFFF\0000\FFFF. I can only fill in the Pokemon's default name and that's it! Without trash bytes, it can't be legit! Help me!

User Info: Salogy

3 years ago#2
SamParkk posted...
Without trash bytes, it can't be legit! Help me!

It will never be legit. Try harder.
"In truth, they haven't been allowed for ages, we've just never enforced the rule" -SineNomine on presigs

User Info: BlissedIgnoranc

3 years ago#3
Legit means untouched and not pokegenned. PERIOD. Legal means pokegenned but can still pass hack checks.
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User Info: SamParkk

3 years ago#4
That's not the point!!! I can fill in the required amount of F's and 0's... Why?

User Info: kid_gamer95

3 years ago#5
You can only use 10 characters in English version. For it's nickname, type the species name and check(or uncheck. fuzzy memory) the box beside it. Then type \FFFF

That should work

User Info: SamParkk

3 years ago#6
Whenever I do \ on Pokgen, it says invalid escape sequence. What does this mean? And if I'm only allowed to fill in 10 characters for the nickname, how do I fill in the extra trash bytes when it says limit reached?

User Info: bandit_wolf

3 years ago#7
It means you suck at hacking.
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User Info: gbchaosmaster

3 years ago#8
TC, you may want to try asking somewhere else.

It looks like the answer is not coming any time soon, and sadly, many people in this board are only interested in trolling users of cheating devices, thinking they're some dangerous form of contagious cancer or something.

(This is even worse than ShadooTH's topic, btw. Go back to the X/Y boards. You know who you are.)
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