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User Info: Fangs07

5 years ago#1
I will choose to be a... - Results (318 votes)
50.94% (162 votes)
49.06% (156 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I know some people like to not choose there own gender just for the fun of it or another reason so vote above which you will be choosing for your profile.
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User Info: Pocahontas

5 years ago#2
The boy character looks hideous this time around so I'll definitely be picking the girl.
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User Info: Graphite25

5 years ago#3
Don't like the look of either male or female but, male i guess cos thats how i've always played pokemon.
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User Info: mnkysprn

5 years ago#4
I am choosing boht. on what versions I haven't decided yet though.
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User Info: GX000

5 years ago#5
I always chose a female character when there is a choice.
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User Info: Fangs07

5 years ago#6
Even stevens at the moment.
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User Info: panda360

5 years ago#7
I'll play as a guy, because I am a guy.

User Info: pb2cc20007

5 years ago#8
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User Info: MoogleWarrior94

5 years ago#9
Im gonna choose the girl only because the boy has a really dumb haircut/hat.

User Info: Klaxynd_Noheart

5 years ago#10
Probably girl since i picked a guy last time.
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