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User Info: Barakah

5 years ago#11
thunderbone posted...
Your advice was well-placed. I enjoy this game. Makes me think of the remake of Rush N'Attack if it'd been done just a bit better. Dunno if that matters coming from me, considering the fact I actually liked the remake of Rush N' Attack. It was buggy, but could be good for a nice 2D romp.

It is kinda like Rush N' Attack actually.. But it has far better level design, enemy AI (I know they're dumb, but they work with the gameplay) and controls. Plus your character's ability to manoeuvre through the environment is a lot better here.

Rush N' Attack is how this game would play if you had no acrobatic moves, your jump height was cut in half, and all of the enemies were wearing night vision goggles. I think that's the best way I can describe it lol. Amazing formula, just not quite executed properly. Thankfully this game took that same formula and nailed it.

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