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User Info: aflawedpeace

5 years ago#1
Why have different styles when you cannot choose a style and play it from beginning to end? I really enjoyed Path of the Hunter, but I'm forced to give it up at the level with lasers. At one point your path is blocked by 3 lasers that cannot be disabled. You cannot use smoke with that style, and there are no alternate paths. How could they have let this happen?

User Info: AWarAmp84

5 years ago#2
Is it an area where you can use a dead body to turn off the lasers? I do agree with you. Even though I've unlocked a few other "marks", I still only use the default one as it seems more useful. The silent one would be good if you could use your sword.
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User Info: aflawedpeace

5 years ago#3
The lasers cannot be disabled. There are no switches, power boxes, or bodies to disable them. Pretty stupid if you ask me.

User Info: CyrianFontaine

5 years ago#4
Is it that section where you first get the smoke bombs? I guess the lasers are there as a tutorial. I agree, they didn't think it through for future replays.

User Info: PhoenixAssassin

5 years ago#5
that 1 tutorial spot you have to have smoke, but other than that there is always alternate spots
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