Jackie Chan Adventures

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User Info: eriko32

5 years ago#1
This game's art style reminds me of Jackie Chan Adventures

User Info: True_Rune

5 years ago#2
yea, i can kinda see that.

Reminds me tho...I need to continue watching Jackie Chan Adventures on Hulu.
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User Info: TinyTitan

5 years ago#3
Shank and Shank 2 have the same cool art style. They are 2D brawlers but are wicked fun. If you like this game download the demos as at only 800MSP each they are a great value.

User Info: thewhitelight

5 years ago#4
It reminds me of older Penny Arcade comics


User Info: VanUltima

5 years ago#5
Man that and static shock were my go to shows every day after middle school. That was so long ago....
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