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User Info: agility

4 years ago#1
So I just picked this up the other day and was wanted to ask.. if you fail at a seal it automatically gets a red mark thru it right? The reason I ask is that I am on the 3rd level and the one seal is "get to the communications tower without being detected". Well, I reached the tower and I am pretty sure I didn't get detected...yet it didn't complete. Didn't get marked off either tho..

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User Info: Pokenub

4 years ago#2
Did they find a body? That also counts.
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User Info: Delta123456789

4 years ago#3
I think they are just written in white when completed. The "crossed out" means you failed.
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User Info: Dlarsh

4 years ago#4
Thought the same thing myself in that level. Just keep going and avoid detection; the seal unlocks a bit further on.
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