Be a GM is unplayable

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User Info: mrshowtime333

4 years ago#1
to me at least. First, still no option for less games? WTF? Thats standard options for a sports game. Who has time to play 82 games? And its waaay too slow to sim games. It takes probably 15-20 minutes to sim one season would be my guess.

Im guessing theres no way they can fix something like that with a patch?

User Info: FDFHighPunch

4 years ago#2
That doesn't make it unplayable. It makes it so you can't dig into it and get through all 25 seasons. It's still playable.

Then again, if the seasons were short, your players wouldn't develop. There's really no choice but to have complete seasons in something like Franchise Mode. I guess they could make player development speed up depending on season length

There's also the option of simulating to the last period and playing only the last period of each game. Do you know about that? You can play the last 5 minutes of the third if you want and your players develop like normal.

User Info: MaddMan999

4 years ago#3
What's the point of simming the whole season without doing any changes yourself? You're supposed to be the GM, not the Owner....

It's ''unplayable'' because the simming is too long..........
That, should be addressed.

User Info: BGSwizzle

4 years ago#4
Play however many games you want in a season. Sim the rest. You know there‘s nothing stopping you. I took the time to play 1 season of Be A GM. I sharpened my skills there in NHL 12. Also, it was really unfair for the CPU. Even with superstar mode on. I would suggest adjusting sliders mid season to make things harder.

Next season I played with AI learning, penalties, goalie reaction speed, shot power, and pass interceptions bumped up. Turned down Shot accuracy, pass assist, and goalie screen effect.

I use GM as a tool for practice and fun. I play fantasy drafts, full seasons manually, and just plain be GM. You‘ve gotta find the bright spot in everything instead of complaining over something that has no change in the immediate future.
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