Online Vs. Is Pitiful.

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User Info: Jawbreaker87

5 years ago#1
First of all, if you have a breakaway and the other player presses TRIANGLE to grab you to initiate a fight(from behind), it should be a penalty! Like this happened twice, no penalty. Then you get players who use the CPU to play defense for them so they don't let you near the goalie.

Then you adjust game strategies to "Protect the Net" or "Conservative Offense" and then immediately give up a goal because the strategies appear to be gimmicks. The face-offs are retarded for lack of better term.... You can dive to cover the low ground but your goalie still gives up the high shot! %^$^^. goalie AI.

It's like the games rosters for the Blackhawks has starters not on the team, in the minors! the "updated roster" your forced to use is not accurate from last year or the projected season this year.

User Info: FFATMA

5 years ago#2
Are you serious about that CPU defense statement? The CPU defense is ridiculously awful and players blow right by them all the time.

User Info: Sports_Fan_19

5 years ago#3
I think the entire game is worst than pitiful, one dimensional offense, completely void of creativity.
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