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User Info: PackmanWSU01

4 years ago#1
If you are like me than you don't feel like playing an 82 game season this year. However, the game does not offer franchise mode offline of anything less than an 82 game season. I was thinking of returning the game, but than I came up with this idea...even though it is not the ideal solution.

Play 48 games in a season. After that is done look at the standings and copy which team is where in their conferences. Then go start playoff mode instead and give the teams the appropriate seed based on the season results.

My only question is would this be a different experience? Does momentum from the season factor into the playoffs in gameplay or do the announcers reference the season at all?

User Info: tripZ504

4 years ago#2
Ya it would be different. You may or may not notice it. Big thing would be injuries and trades. I don't know if players receive boosts for good play. Going from season mode to playoff mode resets rosters

Curious, do you buy it year after year just to play one season?
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