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User Info: ExBahamut

4 years ago#1
Hey all,
Starting up a new GM connected league. Rules are:
20 Users MAXIMUM,
1.this is to ensure the league flow in playing games and easier to track 20 active users instead of 30
2. Replacement GMs will have a choice of 11 teams as opposed to 1 potentially crap team lol smile.gif

Advance times are Monday and Friday 9 or 10 pm EST time


Quick Settings
Max Users per team: 1
NHL Schedule Period: 2 Weeks
Allow Simming of Games: Yes
Allow Join Requests: Yes
Skill Level: All Star
Game Style: Default

Period Length: 5 Mins
Offsides: Delayed
Icing: On
Injuries: On
Penalties: On
Post Whistle Rules: Relaxed
Penalty Time Scaling: On
Fighting: On

Advanced Settings
Playoff Series Length: 7
Playoff Tie Break: Continous OT
Season Overtime Loss: 1 Point
Season Tie Break: 5 Min (4 on 4) then Shootout
CPU Trades: Off
Waivers: On
GM Connected Lenth: 25 years
Starting Rosters: Current
NHL Salary Cap: On
Roster Type: Default
Tuner St Version: Latest

DNF v CPU should be no lower than 10%
DNF v User must be replayed the way the game was before the disconnect i.e User was up 3-1, Other User must pull the goalie to allow a 2-0 advantage

1.Goalies must freeze the puck
2.Players must varie their play, i.e pass the puck and not try to score the same goal every trip down the ice
3.Backup Goalies must play 10 games per year

1. There will be a Trade Commitee three..all trades either User to CPU and User to User must be approved by a majority vote

2. USER to CPU trades only 3 times per year- TWICE during the season and ONE at the trade deadline- 1 Major Trade only allowed i.e 1 for moving Franchise Players and 2 for moving Roster pieces for depth, you can make 3 minor deals if you prefer.
this rule is to somewhat keep CPU teams intact for the sake of the league and potential new users.
*any deal involving franchise players will be harshly judged

3. After the first advance of the season players must designate 2 franchise players which can not be traded, this is to help keep the core of teams intact

4. CPU offers must be rejected

5. Draft picks from 2015-2018 will not be allowed for trades as they can be used to dupe the CPU

Bruins, Toronto, Pitt, and Vancouver are taken. reply if you want in.
"This hand of mine is burning red.. it's loud roar tells me to grasp victory.. erupting,burning,finger!"
FC: 3694 7024 7096

User Info: NHL55

4 years ago#2
I Will join as the Phoenix Coyotes , add me for PS3 , QuebecNordiques8.
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