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User Info: hockeyan

4 years ago#1
Is it just me or this game is awfully hard and something disgusting!?

I am playing GM offline mode, and seems like the sliders don't do a damm thing.

The passing system is broken... I cannot achieve more than 60% of my pass and the cpu always have 90% or more.

The cpu can block like 30 shots a game.

The cpu can take the puck away from my players like they was pee-wee, but I have a hard time just poking it away from them.

The cpu goalie can go in super freaky godlike goalie mode!

Controlling my defensemen in my defensive territory is undoable. The cpu just pass by me or shot for a sure goal.

Simulating days and loading times are waaayyyy to long.

Ok, I'll stop here and going to take another frustrating lost...

User Info: hockeyan

4 years ago#2
And I've forget to say that players are injured everyday in this game!!!! How can that be??

User Info: UK360GAMER1

4 years ago#3
The physics engine in this is awful, the amount of times my players will have the puck picked off me without the AI doing anything is so annoying and then you cant touch them, you bounce off them or slide off them when trying to put on pressure.

User Info: Mellerker38

4 years ago#4
Trophies in this game are also terrible to unlock because what the best order to do them and now I have stopped playing this game.

User Info: mattymo35

4 years ago#5
My only complaint with GM mode is how incredibly long the sim times are. They were much better on NHL12, and it really annoys me that they have regressed so much.
The Amazing Viper 4 years ago#6
One simple answer to this: biased AI.

Why make AI that know the game and play well when you can just make favoritism towards the AI and make them look like gods instead of the bumbling idiots they are?

I dont know how many times an AI would get the puck and id forcheck and the AI would skate around in circles in the neutral zone instead of simply passing to another AI.
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User Info: DoctorNeko

4 years ago#7
Not to mention the super-human reflexes when you try to poke-check them. They'll move the sticks JUST ENOUGH to dodge your poke-checks.
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