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6 minutes penality ???

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User Info: hockeyan

4 years ago#1
one of my player just got a 2 minutes unsportsmanlike conduct... but it turner out to be a 6 minutes powerplay for the other team!! WTF??

User Info: DoctorNeko

4 years ago#2
Stop trying to instigate fights.

Double minor for Unsportsmanlike Conduct.
A minor for Instigator.
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User Info: hockeyan

4 years ago#3
I understand, but you got Instigator when there is a fight! In that particular moment, nothing happened.

User Info: Forthy

4 years ago#4
The seldom called "Triple Minor" for unsportsmanlike conduct. You can't just try to fight someone in the middle of play all the time, man
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  3. 6 minutes penality ???

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