Be a pro a bit disappointing.

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User Info: Magoo_01

4 years ago#1
I am currently in my first year of be a pro, I set it so I came into the league as a rookie, but I didn’t start in the minors.
I was selected for the all star team, leading the league in goals and assists and then my GM kicks me back to the minors as the NHL’s top point getter.
I assumed that it was a mistake went back re-played the last few games and each time I get sent back. I was hoping to go for the Rookie scoring title, now I am three games in with the Ice Caps and no end in site before I am sent up.
As a simulation I have played all games, so I may only play one full season it bothers me that it does not take into account how you are actually doing before sending you back down to the minors.

User Info: PsychoD_Boy

4 years ago#2
The BAP GM is stupid. I've had it happen with starting in the CHL. I get drafted by a NHL team and go thru the preseason and get put on the 1st line. Every time the 4-7 days goes by I'm told that I'm not meeting expectations and get bumped to the 2nd line even though I'm leading the team in goals and assists. I've even had it happen to the point of being sent back to the CHL......BY COLUMBUS!!!! I'M THE BEST YOU GOT WHY THE FU........(composes self)....yeah the GM is stupid. I've had it stop after the first season though.
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User Info: tricky_one

4 years ago#3
Were you simulating games? The game likes to demote players if you are just simming through the season.

I've never been demoted while actually playing the games. I remember getting pissed once because in my second NHL season I started off great, 8 points in 3 games but shutout in the 4th and the coach had the nerve to tell me to start putting up points. I asked for a trade and they demoted me to the second line and told me I have no trade value even though I lead the team in points (72) last season, was the first overall pick, with an average of 2 points a game in the current season. So I demanded it again and they dropped me off to the third line. I stopped playing for a few months and started again today. Finally I'm back on the second and still leading the team in points with some games lost to injury.
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User Info: DaCSSMastah

4 years ago#4
You guys act like the GM is a real person.
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