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NHL 14 needs to improve in these areas(Opinions on my take)

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User Info: JDawg888

4 years ago#1
1. Make the skill gap between goaltenders more significant. Right now the goalie gap sucks, weak goalies are playing like Henrik Lunqvists or Brodeurs or Quicks way too often. That needs to change.

2. Hitting- Open ice hits are incredibly hard to make on full speed skaters. Unless the skater is cutting me on an angle he really shouldn't be able to make a hit from behind me at full speed either. Plus hitting from behind is a penalty.

3. Consistent penalty calling- Cant tell you how many times ive hit someone from behind got a penalty then the other team does the same exact thing and gets away with it. Call all of them or not at all. Also interference happens way too often in this game and is not called, especially in the zone unless I am not realizing there's a rule where u can hit a player without the puck(not talking about momentum hits when the player just gets rid of the puck)

4. Reward the team that dominates the game more- Teams who have more TOA and shots on goal and such should win the game. Right now it feels like a 60-40 chance the better team wins when it should be 80-20.

5. Reward passing and teamwork over individual play- Too many people just puckhog because its easier to do that instead of passing around because of number 1. One-timers are harder to save than a flimsy wrist shot from the top of the zone.

6. Fix the overcommiting of goaltenders, especially if your gonna make them make ridicolous saves. Example, goalie makes a wonderful save, then the puck rolls to him and instead of putting his glove on it he flails around like a madman and produces a juicy rebound in the same game. da heck is that lol

I think thats it, I'm open to opinions to people who disagree or wish to add on more.
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User Info: Infernus93

4 years ago#2
I agree with everything you've said, but would add passing and skater selection.

I'm fine with passing requiring more precision, but I swear there have been times the game sends the puck the opposite direction of where I was aiming. Really messes up my point shot set ups.

As for skater selection...yeah...far too many times I have to run through four guys to get the one I wanted in the first place. The worst is when I get stuck with a player whose momentum is in the complete opposite direction of the play I was making.
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User Info: tripZ504

4 years ago#3
Glad in not the only one on #1. I think it's caused by these new saves. Like less exp G would tend to be more desperate. Who knows. As I get up to L3 I find I'm handicapped. Bad D don't help either. I don't think we will see any improvements till 15
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User Info: tricky_one

4 years ago#4
I would like there to be a time frame for one timers. Often I'll go for a one timer in the slot and end up cross checking a player in front.

One of the biggest problem I run into with my friends are AI. having the ability to pokecheck you 99% of the time and the puck will magically land on their teams stick (the player will have noodle limbs for a second to pick up the puck).
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User Info: Canadian Vampire

Canadian Vampire
4 years ago#5
All I ask is that they fix the EASHL points system, so it doesn't favour club hoppers.

I get tired of seeing the same guys remake clubs every month and shoot up the standings. While mine, who has been active since day 1, can win 20+ in a row and get rank points in maybe half if we're lucky. Then proceed to lose to some new club with 3000/4000+ point guys on it and have it cost us 80 rank points. At least add in a reasonable bonus point system to reduce the number of 0 point games. Along lines of say, 5 points for winning by 5+ or 10 points for a shutout, something like that anyway.
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User Info: PsychoD_Boy

4 years ago#6
I play with the attribute slider all the way up so low levels should play like low levels and the same for high levels. I played a preseason game with the Rangers vs the Devils. We had Lundqvist in net and the Devils had some minor leaguer and he was playing better the Lundqvist!!! Wtf?!

And please fix the tit-for-tat scoring. I'm tired of my team getting a goal and 2 minutes later the other team getting one. I played a game that went 3-3 in the first period. The game ended in OT with a score of 9-8. That shouldn't happen against the Panthers!!
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User Info: mattymo35

4 years ago#7
NBA games have an icon passing system that they should definitely try to implement. You hold a button(I believe it's L1 on NBA, but it doesn't have to be that necessarily) and it brings up icons above the other player's skater(X,O, Triangle, or Square) and you simply press that button to pass to him. That would help a lot! I know accurate passing is a skill, and that this would make it easier, but it would balance out if the passing attribute affected how accurate your icon passes would be.

User Info: hardcorestreet

4 years ago#8
Totally agree. My pet peeve especially is how the amazing plays are easy saves and the stupid skate-in-on-the-rush wrist shot is a damn goal like every time. So stupid. I mean, if you have a shot like Ovechkin, MAYBE once in a while that works, but if a goalie can see the puck, ninety-nine percent of the time, the goalie will make the save. You won't have an average player come into the zone, cut across BOTH AI defenders (who sit there and don't do anything) and then FAR SIDE wrist shot OVER THE GLOVE! NO! That does NOT happen in the NHL!!! Maybe highschool hockey or lower levels (if the shooter is the best in the league AND the goalie is not advanced.
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User Info: hardcorestreet

4 years ago#9
And, seriously, I always play with the Hawks (I'm from Chicago) with my buddy online and frickin' Crawford makes these outrageous saves, and then when he swallows up a shot with FIVE ENEMY SHOOTERS in around the crease, he's like, "Oh, let me just make a weak pass into prime shooting territory (despite NO ONE calling for the puck) and give the other team a chance to rip one in on me". SO DUMB! My buddy and I are like, "Please, God, hold on to the puck, Crawford. Please. Oh no. He's thinking about it. No, there he goes. Oh crap. He's passing it. The other team has it. Takes a shot. They score. Thanks a lot, Crawford. Thanks a million."
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User Info: hardcorestreet

4 years ago#10
Now, I do like the skating improvements and momentum factor that 13 included. But defensemen are not morons like the AI acts. If they know they cannot skate with a winger coming hard into the zone, they won't just STAND there and let him blow by! They adjust their spacing IN ADVANCE and try to match the player and skate with them until they can knock the puck of his stick or grind him off of the play. It doesn't need to be (nor should it be) a full on hit (that is risky by defenders on defending a rush), but just shove the guy and force him into the boards. Also, I'd like a revamp to saucer passes to make them more effective. I can still use them to launch a player into a good patch of ice for a shot, but it would be cooler to have the sauces be able to be not long distance. Players with sick hands (Patrick Kane or Datsyuk) can do sick little sauces right over a defender's stick and pop them into quick tight spaces. Plus, the deking aspect of the game seems too fluid and "sticky". Like there is no "tapping" of the stick on the ice to maneuver the puck. It just looks like the puck is glued to the blade. It would be cooler to make the stick handling look more realistic by having some sound and "tap" animation to accompany the stick handling. When I watch NHL games, I can hear the stick tapping of a sick dangle and it makes the appreciation of how much strength, quickness, and muscle smoothness it takes to handle pucks that quickly. Oh, and I like the "in front of the net battles", but I should not be GLUED to a defensemen when I want to skate AWAY from the net. I understand he needs to block the prime territory, but you can't HOLD a guy who is trying to leave the slot! Geez! There must also be a better way to battle for pucks without the "fork lift" stick lift. I mean, you can grind sticks together using muscles without taking stick uppercuts to the puck handler's face. It doesn't take a "whack" to ruin a pass to a guy you're defending or steal the puck, but just a little tap or umph to mess him up. Stick battles should be a part of the game where they collide and don't just go through each other. This would make puck controlling more fun and challenging. It would be a battle between good stick handling and good defending sticks.
All my X's live in Texas.
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