NHL 14 needs to improve in these areas(Opinions on my take)

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User Info: FreshSquilla

4 years ago#11
-give me more than just 2 friggin lines for PP & PK, I've never understood the reasoning for this

-add some gosh darn water coming outta the water bottles when the players drink, right now it just looks stupid

-bring back in between whistle mayhem

-bring back the ability to run a goalie like last year..that was a main selling point for '12 and then they just get rid of it altogether wtF



-add more types of penalties. Im sick of tripping, interference and hooking nonstop. lets see some too many men, illegal headshots, knee to knee, charging, elbows baby

-more concussions

User Info: Dark_Koopatrol

4 years ago#12
How can everyone forget "better commentating"
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User Info: PsychoD_Boy

4 years ago#13
Maybe others are like me and just turn it off.
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User Info: furb

4 years ago#14
A few standard complaints from a guy that mainly plays offline be a GM.

The whole system needs an overhaul. Player development is quite weird. They even removed training regiments. It would also be nice to see a line chemistry thing from HUT come to this mode. Also, I've always felt that coaches should be a part of your GM team. Where you can hire and fire them and change the way your team operates. Something like what you see, at least, from HUT. Additionally, it would be nice to see more customized arenas that actually resembled the real locations as opposed to fairly generic ones. You could at least do this for all the NHL clubs.

The game also needs better stat tracking. I should be able to see all the scores from all the other games going on with other teams. I should be able to go back into past games on my schedule to see the stats from those games too. If these features are present, I've never been able to find them. Only the generic team and player stats. Not game to game. I also can never find the scores from other games that didn't involve my team.


General fixes

The physics system was ambition for NHL 13 but it is wonky. Players getting sling-shotted from the boards. Rubber-banding and psychic AI is also annoying. The whole checking system and associated penalties is messed up as noted. So are goal keepers. Their desperation saves work too often. Also, the whole nuke the AI team but still have your goal keeper give up 4 goals on 10 shots while only managing 2 or 3 on 30 or 35. But you guys have touched on these issues.

The online hockey games need positions signups prior to entering the drop in que. List your preferences in order. Then the game tries balancing rooms based on that info. Also, make it so you can have multiple builds ready to roll. I hate getting rammed into a game with a play making center and stuck on defense. I'm just not optimized for that. Also, doing pre-signups may help prevent the cases of D-men refusing to do their job and playing third wing or the guys that get stuck with goalie that stay around just long to make your team eat 5 goals let in on purpose.

Fix injuries on sim-ed games. I love how half my team goes down to injury with a max level doctor if I sim 2 or 3 games in a row.


To me, this whole series seems to lack in effort. Like the games aren't bad, but they don't seem to lend the same level of detail or care to it as they do the football series. That's just my opinion. I still enjoy them, but the overall experience and presentation seems to be lagging behind some of the other sports series.
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User Info: tripZ504

4 years ago#15
The goalie can still get run down. It's just not as easy
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User Info: MadMoose69

4 years ago#16
JDawg888 i Agree with everything you say, but i have one more thing to add, and i know im gonna get razzed for it, but how in gods name is Quick Better then Brodeur... honestly every year they keep decreasing his overall , hes a goddamn living legend hold 90% of the records for an NHL goaltender, why is he only at 82 ? lundqvist is 91 ? and bryzgalov 86 ? this is a joke EA's gotta get there sit together and rate the goaltenders and the player correctly
The Amazing Viper 4 years ago#17
The interference should be seperate from consistently penalties. They at both problems but the interference is an over sight where I think the missed calls are to stimulate the "ref not looking".

Interference happens because you are now allowed to skate into and bump another player with out the collision being detected thus no interference. Cheesers do this to set picks.

Also multiple penalties in one play. When there's a delayed penalty it seems like anything goes after that until they touch up. Rarely do multiple penalties happen on one play though they do happen.

I agree mostly on consistency. If its a penalty if I do it it should be one at least 99%. I would also like the goalie gap to increase. But not like drastically between an 88 and 90 overalls. But more like big difference between a Q goalie and an elite, and a smaller difference between a back up and a minor starter.

I think in at least bagm, there should be dynamic attributes like madden and FIFA. I say bagm because it was brought up that you may have to rely on others in eashl to get your attributes up which would not work so well but in bagm you can have streaks and slumps. Ex Gaborik went a month scoring only one goal, he shouldn't be a 90 overall still. With dynamic he may drop to an 85 until he finds his elite scoring touch again. This will sim slumps without having to permanently turn that player to ****. Gabs the most extreme I could think of as he scored 40+ last season and just didn't seem to care anymore this season. The same kind of happened to Semin until he was moved. Would also lead to more unpredictable moves. You could make a big trade for a star and he might not work out on your roster or you buy low on someone slumping and they turn it around and or jump start their career for a season or 2.
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