EA connection problems or is it me? "HUT"

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User Info: Solon_Jhee

4 years ago#1
I just started 2 games in a single player tourney and lost connection to EA twice. So I lost 2 contract days and got 2 extra loses. I didn't dc from psn so I don't think it was on my end. Just want to know if anyone else dc'd or if it was just me.

And thank goodness I didn't continue my online tourney :P
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User Info: tripZ504

4 years ago#2
I get that a lot on offline if I pause and sit idle for 5+ mins. Rarly ever disco during online games
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User Info: tricky_one

4 years ago#3
When I use to play HUT, it wasn't that big of a problem, happened probably 2-3 times over 150 games. I'm playing Be A Pro now and I notice after finishing a game the banner at the bottom of the screen is telling me I've lost connection with EA even though I'm still logged into PSN and using my internet on my laptop.
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  3. EA connection problems or is it me? "HUT"

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