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User Info: avec_fromage

4 years ago#1
Toronto Maple Leafs, latest roster update (with only slight edits to all teams' faceoff ratings and potentials), 2013-14:

87 van Riemsdyk - 88 Kesler - 88 Kessel
85 Frattin - 82 Kadri - 87 St. Louis
81 Kulemin - 80 Bozak - 79 Smyth
78 McClement - 76 Steckel - 78 Hansen

89 Phaneuf - 85 Franson
90 Keith - 82 Gardiner
84 Liles - 86 Gonchar

84 Reimer
77 Karlsson

Top-5 prospects:

2012-13 saw the team start with a 9-0-1 record, only to have an epic classic-Leafs collapse in the late stages of the regular season, finishing 40-37-5 - bad enough for 10th in the Eastern Conference but only two points out of a playoff spot.

Picked up Kesler, Keith, Hansen and Karlsson in the offseason. Let go of Iginla, Giordano, Pavelski, several 4-star prospects and several firsts. Trying to push for a cup run as I'll have to dismantle the depth of this team to re-sign Kessel, Phaneuf, Gardiner, Frattin, Reimer, and Kulemin in the offseason.
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User Info: WiiBrawler

4 years ago#2



I traded Kennedy and Lovejoy for Lupul and Some 74 OVR dman I scratch
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