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Combine Be A Pro and GM Mode.

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User Info: brakilvert

4 years ago#1
Combine Be A Pro and GM Mode

Basically i have found it fun to play gm mode and just simulate the thing year after year just when i get bored.

I also love the idea of be a pro but i find it too easy sometimes and it is also very slow paced.

It would be great to combine both modes so you could play your "Pro" through his career well at the same time Managing the team that you pick which would be the teams that draft you through your career. I know you can somewhat do this with creating a player,drafting him then position locking, but its just not that good
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User Info: chaotix247

4 years ago#2
Why did they force the 20 minute games? It's so annoyingingly long I love hockey but damn...
Capcom needs to go out of business to learn what they have done.
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