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User Info: SirHaxALoT

4 years ago#1
I created my Pro, did 2 CHL seasons and got drafted blah blah. Now I'm getting the same problem that the majority of people experience, my Pro gets sent back down to the minors after the 4 preseason games, regardless of how super-awesome I am doing.
I've searched and found multiple people * about this same problem, but I have yet to find any solutions to it. How can I bypass this inherent flaw that hasn't been corrected in...8 months...or so?

Do I just keep re-loading my save before the preseason and simulate and hope for the best? Do I just have to replay all 4 preseason games and then hope for the best? Do I really have to wait until my skater because ineligible for the CHL so that the very worst I can be sent to is the AHL?

Do I request a trade and hope I get traded before the preseason is over? How can I get past EA's glitched out mode? Help would be appreciated.

User Info: tricky_one

4 years ago#2
Requesting a trade isn't to do anything in your case. For the management to actually consider trading you, you have to have a few years of experience in the NHL. I requested one in my second year (led the team in points the previous year) and they told me I have no worth. Also, it's not uncommon for top draft tops not to play the following year in the NHL. The first one to come to my head is Kadri with Toronto. He averaged over a point a game in the per-season but was sent back to London because of his size. Maybe that's the reason they are withholding so many peoples BAP. Finally, simming games probably won't help because I've heard stories that no matter how well a BAP does during simming they will always be sent down to the minors.

I think your only option is to play in the AHL until they call you up. In NHL09 that happened as early as 10-15 games but I've also been called up as a goalie in late March.
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