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User Info: bass_face5309

4 years ago#1
So I didn't find this topic anywhere on the first few pages of the board so I decided to make one of my own. Here is what I think needs to be changed/added in NHL 14. Feel free to comment/critique my suggestions and add some of your own.


For the most part I'm ok with the gameplay, it's not without its problems but its pretty solid overall. I think they do need to fix the hitting. It seems its too often all or nothing, I either completely obliterate a guy and go down with him or I just bounce right off and don't do anything. Also, it seems like every time you take a slapshot you get laid out.

Be A Pro:

I just started my first Be A Pro on NHL 13 a few weeks ago so my list here is a bit limited, but I do have a few suggestions.

1) Fix the XP. I did my first season in the CHL and everything was fine but once I got into the NHL it was so hard to earn XP, there were games where I didn't get any points but I'd be like +2 with 5 shots, 8 hits, and 3 shots blocked and I'd get no XP. Even when I would get points the XP gained is so little it takes forever to make your guy better.

2) Make the CPU Gms smarter.

3) Have a chemistry rating with players. I was drafted to the Senators and I was on the 2nd line at RW. Latendresse was my LW and we just worked perfectly together. He scored 13 goals in 6 games, all on assists from me. But then I got promoted to the first line and I have a hard time making it work with Michalek. If you play well with someone, there should be a chemistry rating with that player and the coach will take that into account when deciding on the lines.

Be A GM:

The offline be a GM is the mode I use the most and and the reason I buy the game. It's pretty good (way better than any other EA game IMO) but it definitely needs some tweaking.

1) Add Coaches. If you're the GM you should be able to hire/fire your coaching staff. Each coach should have some attributes (like offense and defense, etc) and have a specific style. If you're struggling, you can fire your coach and get a new one. Have full coaching staffs for both your NHL and AHL teams and have the ability to hire and fire them. They could also add boosts for assistant coaches, for example a certain assistant coach might give all your forwards passing rating a boost or something. Let's get the real NHL coaches in the game to make it even more authentic.

2) Make the CPU make more realistic roster moves.

3) Make player progression stat based in addition to potential based. It should be a combination of these 2 things. Too often I have like 50-60 point season with a young 3 star winger and they hardly progress at all, but a 4 star potential guy will progress rapidly even though he only gets like 20 points. They need to find a good balance with this.

4) Fix the injury system. Injuries are a part of hockey but too often it's like everyone on my team goes down for months at a time.

That's all I can think of right now. I'll add more late if they come to me. Let me know what you think and add suggestions of your own.

User Info: PsychoD_Boy

4 years ago#2
Weird. I regularly get 100+ xp in each category per game as a Power Forward on both LW and C.
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User Info: bass_face5309

4 years ago#3
PsychoD_Boy posted...
Weird. I regularly get 100+ xp in each category per game as a Power Forward on both LW and C.

I'm a grinder, and usually a game where I get a goal and an assist I'll get about 70-80 in each category.

User Info: TakitusMaximus

4 years ago#4
Something I'd like to see, since the Olympics are next year, is having the ability to pick from a pool of players for the National teams.

User Info: bigt2002

4 years ago#5
Honestly, where to start?

I didn't play nearly any modes this year for some reason. BAP should be like Madden where you can hold out in UFA for other contracts and sign with whatever team you want to. Same with trades, if you don't have a NTC/NMC you can be traded at any given time. Don't know how they even did it this time around because I seriously didn't even touch it.

Too much emphasis on online play IMO. Sorry, I don't play it online....and I suspect a lot of us don't who play in Be a GM offline. I'm already playing close to 100 games a season (since I do actually play them) and don't want to suffer through cheese goals in every online game I do play. Not worth it.

But my milk and butter, Be A GM:

- Trades need to be reworked. If I offer a team Koivu for a 1st round pick from the Trade Block, I shouldn't get "we can't do that trade because it puts us over the roster size" That trade would happen in a split second on most teams hands down.

- Goalie Fatigue. Yet to ever see my goalie request a day off because they are tired...or even seen a dip in play when they've played too many consecutive games

- The tasks need to be reworked for upgrading the GM itself. Some of them are just plain stupid. I shouldn't have to spend 5 weeks in OHL scouting goalies, when I want to spend 5 weeks in WHL doing that or something. Some are downright unachievable too because of how insane the trading system is in the game.

- If you win the cup multiple years in a row, there should be something special you actually get in the game. Whether its achievements unlocked or being granted the Winter Classic game or something.

- Oh and if EA can splurge on NCAA Football to put every unique Div 1 stadium in there, I would like to think they could do all 30 arenas actually looking like their ACTUAL ARENA FINALLY. Same with actual goal music.
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