Defenders literally sticking to your forwards

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User Info: chickabumpbump

4 years ago#1
This game has SO much wrong with it that shows lazy development, such as on GM mode where everytime you exit a players info the game doesnt remeber where you were in that team roster so you have to do all the filters again or when having the option to claim on waivers , the game tells you who it is but not how good they are.

Theres SO many little dumb bugs that this game has but the player physics are awful! Why is it seemingly impossible to stop an AI player if he cycles around behind your net and along the boards even if you full on hit him or nudge him into the boards.

Why do AI defenders stick to your forwards when infront of the net so much that even when they are back to back You CANNOT move your forward like he is glued to the back of the D man

Theres so many little problems with this game that infuriate me and make me shake my head. Dont get me started on the awful menu and UI that we have to use, like when the game says " oh your lines arent correct " or " you have too many people dressed " nearly every other sports game out there will TELL YOU what needs to be changed so it can be done quickly and easily.

They need to either make the management sim side of this with the effort of the football manager franchise or dont do it at all
The Amazing Viper 4 years ago#2
You can see how good waived pastures are by hitting view player under the option to pass on claiming him.

Players stick in front to simulate scrums and battle for position. Like boardplay the animation for this is broken.
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User Info: DKK-RULZ

4 years ago#3
Ok, how the bug that makes the refs make horrible tragic calls? Like if the puck is net-side of the blue line a few inches and my stick goes back over the line? I ended up just turning the penalties off completely. If I want to stay in the box the whole game, I would just get in another fight as soon as I get out. How about when I skate past some one and get taken off ice because my sleeve brushed his?
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