BAP problem, for real?

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User Info: Pajo17

4 years ago#1
I made myself a TGH (probably my problem there) D-Man
Scored 100+ pts in the OHL season (led the league)
Won the OHL playoffs along with the memorial cup (led in pts for both too)
I got drafted 1st OVR by Phoenix and got sent back to the Spitfires right away

Now I'm a 80+ OVR team captain on the 3rd D-line

what gives
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User Info: tricky_one

4 years ago#2
You were probably sent back to Windsor because you were too young/ small for the NHL. Also, every BAP starts off on the bottom lines and slowly work their way to the top lines. It can take 15 games to a year for that to happen.
Edit: If you're talking about being on the third line pairing for the OHL then I don't know what happened. If you're in the NHL or AHL then that is normal. I've been demoted a few times (only on LA, didn't happen again after being traded) for 'lack of scoring' despite having 10 pts in 5 games.
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User Info: SirHaxALoT

4 years ago#3
Same thing happened to me, except I lost my Captaincy. Get sent down at the end of the preseason...start out on the 3rd line. Blah. Gotta work your way back up.

Also, don't be surprised if they keep you in the CHL until you're 20 (ineligible to play due to age). Happened to me. I was a ***98**** OVR before I started playing in the NHL. It happened after I was ineligible to play in the CHL (AHL would be my new minors). I played exactly the same way I did the other preseasons (even got less XP some games....) and they decided to start me on the 1st line at the start of the season in the NHL.

So yeah, happy hunting with this glitchy game.
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