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User Info: IG-N9neLives

4 years ago#1
I can't find out how to delete created players... Any insight on this?

User Info: Forthy

4 years ago#2
You can't. For some unknown reason, ea didn't think of this. Go to roster management and send then to the legends team
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User Info: TheSpiderSense5

4 years ago#3
I believe this is the case for creating teams as well.

If you have no risks TC, then reset your roster.
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The Amazing Viper 4 years ago#4
The best thing to do:

If you updated off-season trades and acquisitions already, change the player you created to random info (i think hitting triangle does this, but I'm not 100%) then make his potential 3 red stars and lower his attributes to 40s. Move him to FA or a euro team. You will never see that player again most likely.
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