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User Info: mpk97

4 years ago#1
So I just finished the entry draft and am beginning to re-sign my players and tender RFA's.. When I go to sign my draft picks and advance the day each player tells me my roster is full. I cannot trade any players yet until after the "re-sign" period is over. How do I sign draft picks? also my roster is not full, I am losing about 6-7 players to Free Agency that I am not trying to sign back.

Thanks for the Help.
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The Amazing Viper 4 years ago#2
Your draft picks are your property for I think 3 years, so you can sim to free agency then trade someone for a pick then sign the drafted player. Note you don't have to sign him right away unless hes NHL ready (over 70 with 4* potential imo) You can let him grow more before burning years and cap space on him. Go to contracts to see how many players/empty spots you have.
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