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User Info: sports4days

4 years ago#1
So i was playing my created player in be a pro mode and was playing vs ottawa when i realized one of there players had same name as me, except his attributes were far better than my player i have for my career so far. i was wondering if this happened to anybody else? Or if you know why it happened?
The Amazing Viper 4 years ago#2
It's possible that you created your player while having one in fa. This usually happens when you create a player and start a gm without saving rosters. What happens is the autosave saves when the player is created. It does not save before you start the gm. So if you restart at this point your player will be a free agent.

I'm assuming that you went to team roster, saw your guy not there and made him again with out checking free agents.

As far as I know the only fix would be to sstart over again, check free agents and see if you have 2 players there. If so I believe if you hit Y/triangle it will randomize the info on the player. Then lower his attributes to like 50/60s with no potential and you will be rid of the dup.
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