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User Info: Slipknotjmg

5 years ago#1
Is this the same content you got if you pre-ordered at gamestop? Seems vaguely familiar with the capacity upgrades

User Info: drymwalker

5 years ago#2
The Vlad the impaler map is and if there are capacity upgrades then most likely that was, too.

The new dlc stuff (the majority) however is completely new as of today. What it is is yet to be seen although people are expecting it to be similar to the Desmond block/platforming levels but as S16 instead.

User Info: Garfield055

5 years ago#3
No. These are Subject 16 missions. You'll learn more about Subject 16 and Lucy.

User Info: Jackalfox

5 years ago#4
- The Lost Archive (7 new first-person puzzle sequences revolving around Clay Kaczmarek, AKA Subject 16)
- Armor of Brutus outfit for single-player
- Altair outfit for single-player
- Turkish Assassin outfit for single-player
- Vlad the Impaler's Prison level for single-player
- Weapon capacity upgrades for the hidden gun, crossbow, and bombs for single-player
- Ottoman Jester character for multiplayer
- Ottoman Doctor character for multiplayer
- Crusader character for multiplayer

So yeah. It's got all of the Signature Edition's contents (Aside from the incomplete soundtrack and Embers), and then some.
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User Info: Icarusael

5 years ago#5
This is so sad, because the Signature Edition is ugly as hell, black and white cover =.= I wish I bought the original instead of this ugly Signature Edition that is no more special because everyone have access to its content. Oh well, I guess this is fun, I shouldn't complain that much because I would also like to get the chance to get those stuff if I missed them.

Anyway, is there some new achievement included in this?
I think I'm just going to wait a special deal for this DLC and the Mediterranean map pack, I'm running low on money atm, but I'll get those for sure ^^

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