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User Info: deviant user

deviant user
4 years ago#1
I picked this up off the PSN Network the other day. I always wanted to play this game but never had a Dreamcast. So I've gotten to the point where I need to tag the other gang members backs and I've just barely managed to finish the Poison Jam mission in the sewers. I am trying to do the Noise Tanks now but can't even come close. I seem to only get a split second where the spray option becomes available and I generally miss it. Can somebody give me some pointers on doing these levels?


User Info: United_World

4 years ago#2
Give it to me, baby.

User Info: LukasIpsum

4 years ago#3
They all travel in a set circuit, which as far as I can tell has 3 stops for each of them. That is, they all have a point where if you aren't close by, they'll wait for you to reach them before starting again. So if one of them gets too far ahead of you, just ignore them and go collect some cans, you can start again at their next holding posiiton. Keep an eye out for any corners they take, as you can usually take them sharper than they do to gain that extra bit of ground back. If you're not sure where one is, check your mission map; they'll all be revealed on there.
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