Horrible controls...

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User Info: BenKonop

4 years ago#1
No amount of Nostalgia can save me from these horrid controls...
Cant even beat the insanely overly difficult tutorial...

User Info: Poison_Jelly

4 years ago#2
Don't play the tutorial.

The game itself does not require any difficult controls. All the difficult controls (infinite combos, 180 degree turns) are totally optional.

To play the game, just learn how to jump wide (hold sideways before jumping) and jump narrow (don't hold a direction until right after jumping). Bam, you just mastered the controls. I found the controls to be pretty excellent actually, even the optional ones, but I only did those after beating the main game.

User Info: Sol4688

4 years ago#3
The tutorial really should be avoided unless you want the trophy.
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