Well, I'm quitting.

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User Info: Somajan

5 years ago#1
Another EA managed game run into the ground.

Logged into my Springfield and ended up getting a blank city. Logged back in about 10 minutes, cause I've had that glitch hundreds of times, not even my other town.

Checked the official forums, and it turns out I'm not the only one. Looks like they cycled the servers, or consolidated them without transferring all data.

I was 2000 exp from level 20. No way I'm starting over.
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User Info: Aznxknight

5 years ago#2
Heck i stopped playing a while ago. I came back here on the boards just to check out what's happening and it seems to be not much. It looks like EA stopped supporting the game and with the numerous bugs it is deemed unplayable. I got to level 20 and well... for some reason for the last 5 days i played before i quit i never received a new quest and that's when i gave up.
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