Mystery Box Mystery?

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User Info: Nexevious

5 years ago#1
I love the concept of Mystery Boxes, except I'm having some trouble...
So the first Box yo get should be 10 doughnuts because its in main quest. I wait 5 days and get another, and inside I get a Gazebo. So I'm like okay looks pretty cool and set it on my town. I wait another 5 days and get another one. Alright no big deal I would realy like 12 doughnuts or something but whatever. But then I wait another 5 days, and guess what I get.....
no not another Gazebo but a Mystery Box.... a Mystery Box in a Mystery Box. Umm alright so I go in my inventory and open it. And it's another Gazebo...
They sell for 1400 but I rather have doughnuts.......
Anyone else have something similar?

User Info: Ultimate3DSFan

5 years ago#2
Newspaper Dispenser the first time. Accidentally waste 6 donuts looking around a few days later, newspaper dispenser. I've had about 5 Mystery Boxes, all Newspaper Dispensers. EA wants your money to buy more donuts through the game otherwise, it's something to do for 5 minutes every few hours.
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User Info: Back_Stabbath

5 years ago#3
Lucky. My first non-quest mystery box got me fences :l

User Info: Shadyjoe101

5 years ago#4
My first non quest mystery box gave me a parking lot and my second gave me another mystery box with 12 donuts then the game crashed and I got an angelic topiary instead, I'd like to try the Buddha statue more to see if it might give up the premium buildings, I used it once and got squeaky voiced teen

User Info: aKa RuBain

aKa RuBain
5 years ago#5
I finally got something good with my 5 day mystery box. It gave me a Buddha Homer, which then gave me Frink's Lab! Usually it's the newspaper dispenser or fences for me.
-aKa RuBain
PSN: RuBain

User Info: SSJ4Alchemist

5 years ago#6
i got the hamburger teen lol
GT: Pyrofice
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User Info: Icepaw001

5 years ago#7
I usually get money ranging from $500 - $1000. Aside from that i've gotten a fence and angel statue
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