Some future update ideas

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User Info: Sephiroth311

4 years ago#1
Christmas 2012:
The Try and Save with Santa
Alternative Mr Plow costume for Homer
Decorated versions of the Simpsons and Flanders Homes
Alternative Town Hall with New Years Eve countdown.
Premium characters: Rod and Todd
The Plow King with Barney and alternative Plow King costume

Monthly updates
Springfield Hospital with Dr Hibbert
Premium character: Dr Nick

Burns Mannor with Smithers
Premium Character: Sideshow Mel

The DMV with Patty and Selma
Premium character: Milhouse's Dad

Noiseland Arcade with Jimbo
Premium character: Dolph

Ralph Wiggum's House with Ralph
Premium character: Uter

Canyonero sales lot with Gill
Premium characters: Lenny and Carl

Halloween 2013 Pack
Alternative Costumes:
Donut Head Homer
Bart as Stretch Dude
Lisa as Clobber Girl
Comic Book Guy as The Collector
Premium/treats characters/buildings:
Burns as Dracula
The Leprichorn
The School Bus Gremlin
Witches cave with witch costumes for Patty and Selma

I don't want that much premium stuff but you know EA...
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User Info: Sephiroth311

4 years ago#2
Oh and:

Itchy and Scratchy studios with Roger Myers
Premium stuff: Chester J Lampwick with Solid Gold house
Chester's Rocket Car

The Legitimate Businessman's Social Club with Fat Tony
Premium Characters: Leggs and Louis
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User Info: BatusiMan

4 years ago#3
Great ideas! Although I think instead of Santa with the try n save we could get the sarcastic man( he could have a job at almost any other building).
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User Info: Gizer323

4 years ago#4
How about Lionel Hutz and his office? Would be kind of funny to have him doing some odd jobs since he has so many during the series.

How about the Capital City Goofball with a baseball field?

The Sea Captain and a seafood restaurant (way to increase consumerism rank?)

Premium character ideas:

- Crazy Cat Lady
- Disco Stu
- Superintendant Chalmers
- Radioactive Man
- Drederick Tatum!
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User Info: Sephiroth311

4 years ago#5
I'd love to see them but Hutz and Mclure have been retired out of respect for the guy who did their voices.

I forgot about the Sea Captain and his restaurant, that's a good one! Maybe also a squad car with Eddie and Lou
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User Info: Moogle_trainer

4 years ago#6
Crazy cat lady and disco stu would make great premium characters. Gill too. As for the hospital I would think Dr hibert would come with it and Dr Nick would be a premium character.
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User Info: madmofo145

4 years ago#7
I like them, personally I'm still hoping we eventually get some non halloween skins for our halloween objects. (I really want to see kang dressed up as clinton or dole).

Couple things to add.
With Christmas I'd add Santa's Little Helper, probably as a non job having character, but I'd make it so that he unlocks jobs for the other Simpsons members and maybe Wiggum.

I always saw the hospital being added as a lower level job, with the game letting you choose between The Hospital and Hibert, or Dr Nick and his cllinic, with the idea being that later mayor quimby would lobby for the other. (For Hibert because he's sick, or for Nick because his assistant needs plastic surgery)

Add ins:

Springfield Gym with Rainier Wolfcastle
Apu's Apartment and Manjula
KBBL with Bill and Marty
Springfield Realty with Cookie Kwan

Standalone alone characters:
Agnes Seymore
Herb Powell
Jasper Beardly
Ms Hoover
Superintendent Chalmers
Mr Largo (Band teacher)
Terri & Sherri
Kirk Van Houten

The Wives
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